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  1. Great to hear- we must have done about 3 years- Jackie helped Scruff quite quickly but we enjoyed the classes It does sound like he's protecting you-. We still have the odd issues- Scruff's so much better, but even so , occasionally he'll have a yap at other dogs- He hadnt been socialised but at the grand age of 10- he's decided he likes other dogs and if we dont introduce him to other dogs - say in a pub- he'll pull to get to them and starts yapping- and being a Jack russell, its an ear piercing yap sometimes Dont forget to look back every so often and remember how far you've come in a relatively short time. Will say hello next time we're over
  2. Haven't been on here for a while. Great to see Zeus is doing well and Capable Canines are living up to the reccomendation. We still have our Jack Russell- Scruff- whom Jackie helped and I often wonder how she's doing- say hello from Jackie and Scruff- Its been a while but she might remember us Woodstock is still at Alvecote- although we havent been boating much as I'm recovering from an operation- but hope to be fully fit soon. If you see us- we're moored through the gate, canal side and Scruff is white wiry JRT with patches- say hello and introduce Zeus. Scruff loves the Samuel Barlow- mind you- so do I- great Sunday lunch Well done to both of you- I love it when a dog is helped
  3. Our boat cost £15K 5 years ago and we've probably spent about 3K - prop shaft, prop, engine realignment, new loo, mattress, flooring etc, plus an external repaint which we could have done ourselves but couldnt give the time needed. Its a 1990 boat. The 2 way 12v /240v fridge, hob and cooker aren't the prettiest and newest but they work well and are clean. Having priced up new ones- I can't justify the cost when the current ones work well even if they arent particularly pleasing to the eye. There are plenty of ongoing costs with a boat, its down to priorities really. Next priority is solar which will give us a benefit when cruising. A new cooker and fridge wouldnt really give us a benefit for the cost involved.
  4. We used odourless for a couple of years and then it stopped working and led to a whiffy loo. Since then I've been using a bio laundry detergent and ecover loo clean and the smells have ceased- much better and cheaper
  5. Can't comment on the current Waeco models but can probably confirm the brand to be reliable and long lasting- We have one that looks ancient, but it works brilliantly. Its 240v / 12v, switching through a mobitronic unit. The only issue was someone had wired it with something resembling speaker wire, we rewired witha thicker cable and it works really well
  6. The last leg on a Friday night- new series starts soon- might be this Friday Funniest thing on telly
  7. Well we've been expecting it for a while and the letter has arrived. We have 30days notice that 3. are cancelling our £18 a month sim only all you can eat data contract and are moving me to a £30 limited data contract- thanks 3 Any suggestions for a decent iPhone contract- its about time we upgraded phones so we're expecting to pay more but not 3s £30 sim only We're probably medium data users so may not need unlimited data Thanks
  8. There is a long term rental company called escape the rat race. I've no experience of renting from them though- anyone had any dealings?
  9. What diameter is the cabling to your fridge. Ours was so thin it looked like speaker wire- since the OH rewired it with 10mm cable the fridge has lasted much longer.
  10. In India I've had to pass suitcases through an xray before check in and in China I was called back after check in to check my case- I'd left a cigarette lighter in it which was promptly confiscated- I don't know if every airport xrays checked in luggage
  11. Some wood photos but really trying to see if I can upload photos at last Nope - failed miserably
  12. We bought a memory foam from Hypnia on line- small double, I'm sure its 4ft. It came vacuum packed in a box and then expanded like a giant marshmallow when opened. I love it as it is quite firm but if you like a soft mattress, perhaps not
  13. I really don't know what to make of this- if he's a good guy then he deserves support, if he's a bad guy then it would gall me to compensate The biggest question to me in this day of human rights awareness is how someone can be imprisoned for 13 years without charge. How was that allowed?
  14. Me too- they don't do me any harm and kill mossies
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