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  1. Really excited to be doing our first narrow boat show. Remember how exciting Earl's Court was for many years and then became same old same old. It does do you good to do something new.. Any advice re 'best bits' xx
  2. Yep I was more confused then it all began to clear. But have I got multi quote Sussed lets see x Nope X you have to admit it makes the rest of you feel really smart X Then it just appeared x
  3. ? SWMBO ? I believe in boat time, no rules, but usually stick with ' hi ' to avoid conflict. X
  4. Fellow complete newbie, hence messing up reply. I'm little use to you unlike the experienced guys who have been setting me on the right track with many things. I guess we are very different. We fell in love with the second boat we viewed and are now figuring it out. We have been yachting for years so lots of the wrong experience. We often enjoyed the luxury of a coke bottle shower in the cockpit so we are amazed at the plentiful water supply. Once you get used to living small and simple it's such a happy thing. The beauty is you find your own way. Go for it and enjoy. We are weekending whilst sorting things out but plan to retire onboard ASAP. Enjoy the journey x
  5. They really sound the business. Just ordered some thanks x
  6. Thank you. Still can't find quick response but I will thanks again x
  7. Are there any tips re how to use. Can't seem to copy multiple quotes to reply to several people at once. Know the facility is there but can't use it. Also used to find quick reply but cat now. I know there's newbies and then really thick newbies x
  8. Yes definitely more education needed. Sadly not everyone is motivated by green. Would be far more motivated by blue does not work and stinks in the long run in so many ways. All the advice in this thread will make a difference I'm sure. Thanks all.
  9. As a newbie I probable shouldn't be writing here. However I have found the advice so far brilliant. Solid fuel stove with back boiler or not compatable with existing system or not. How to polish my vents that I now know are mushrooms. Currently working on my smelly loo. Don't know if a guide would be as useful as getting advice. Guides are very boring and hard to understand for really simple newbies. Abit of simple q & a brings to light such wisdom as the the toilet flush goes up as well as down. It also brings to light so much more that we newbies need to get our heads round. So a big thank you to those of you with the patience to share your knowledge. X
  10. Thank you - you guys really are a fantastic source of information. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
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