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  1. Moved there in 1954, left in 1969. Not been back since
  2. Watching Pie in the sky. The Anchor Inn at Pyrford Lock featured .Memories of playing hokey from school. and my first pint there.
  3. Crick ex servicemen club (next to the Wheatsheaf) and the Royal Oak
  4. You think we have problems https://www.facebook.com/flabber.nl/videos/10153844589805159/?theater
  5. Do you keep your mobile phone near the TV. We had to move ours because of interference.
  6. Plans to replace the footbridge over the ring road with a toucan crossing. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-31547308. Not a good idea thats a busy road.
  7. 2 min internet time. WOW. In Armitage heading toStoke

  8. We moor at Crick marina and have never had any problems with having whatever split we need at the time. With regard to the gas bottles there are specific regulations FROM CALOR as to which bottles you can change for what bottles but when changing a spare bottle from our camper for a bigger one we had no problems as luckily for us we were within the limits . As to there prices again we don't find them overly expensive in fact the coal and fire lighters are about the cheapest in the area. The marina is closed on Mondays so don't bother to try to phone then but there is someone there
  9. Or this http://www.boatjumbles.org.uk/
  10. Freaky Friday 4th April. http://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/Site/Home
  11. Well that was fun.... glad they have a defibrillator at the marina. Not needed though

  12. Yes we did own Nordic Dream. So sad to hear of his death, not that we knew him other than the chap who bought our boat. It is a lovely boat, yellow & mushroom in our day, very distinctive. R I P Alex
  13. That's why they were packing up early Monday afternoon
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