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  1. If it's not too late (you may already be moored up for the night), there are good moorings just after Curdworth tunnel (in the cutting). The White Horse is a short walk up the steps and over the road. That's where I always stop for the night before an early start and a heavy days boating through Brum the next day, gets you through the dodgy area around Castle Vale in the morning.
  2. Sorry to have missed you Dave. I went for a wander when everyone left, but you may have seen me boat just along from the Fountain. Still here till tomorrow then heading north to great Haywood and on to fradley. The turns at the boozer have been great, as is the beer. I just had to stop on and fill me boots! Thanks for the banterette all, see you soon.
  3. Came to find you but I think you must have moved on. See you next time
  4. I will come and find you on Harnser later and say hi, that way you will be able to spot the group when you're in the pub
  5. I'm heading off in the morning, p6rob has kindly offered to help me up aston and farmers bridge flights on Saturday, so hoping to arrive some time on Saturday evening. Looking forward to meeting a few of you and hoping the weather stays reasonable Pete
  6. The CaRT interactive map is showing a closure at the above from 16:00 31/03/15 to 12:00 01/04/15. Does anyone know if this is now open as I'm heading down there tomorrow? ETA: I have just spoken to the Fazeley office and it is open now, closed temporarily to replace some rubbers on the lock gates apparently
  7. Greeno for that Alan as it made me titter, I feel for the owners of the The North though. No excuse for doing one after damaging another boat
  8. Your nearest decent mooring is south of bridge 61 (Newbridge), but I would go for Compton (below Compton Lock). Good facilities and a great chippy. Good bus services into town from either mooring, A41 from Newbridge or A454 from Compton. Safe moorings all the way from bridge 62 down to Wightwick (bridge 57). Wightwick Manor is worth a visit and the Mermaid pub at bridge 56 does great food. Sp ed.
  9. Looking at the forecast (FWIW) I don't think I will be taking my shorts, but it seems this wind might die down. I've got a lot of boating to do in a short time and I don't fancy doing it all sideways!
  10. So who's coming then, do we have a list? From what I can glean from above it's: Tawny Owl (+Alan F) Victor Vectis Laurie Booth Rob-M madcat Odana p6rob Kendal I hope to arrive on Saturday night, but I won't be leaving Curdworth until first light so it will depend on progress up Aston and Farmers Bridge (single handed)
  11. From my perspective I'm afraid not. It only seems to occur when it's your own boat though. I have recurring nightmares about my boat sinking (been having them ever since I bought my first nb over 20 years ago). They went away when I sold my last boat and left the cut for a while, but then came back again as soon as I bought my current boat a year ago. Re your current concern, it seems like you've got your head screwed on so I'm sure you will work out where the water is coming from. I can't really add anything to the previous advice, suffice to say you should try and dry everything out as much as you can and then keep watch. If you are prepared to let us know you location (very roughly) I'm sure there will be some wise person on here locally that would be happy to have a butchers for you.
  12. I can recommend these guys. When I had some issues last year their after sales service was excellent. Ask for Michelle
  13. If you google map in satellite view there's what appears to be a red topped narrowboat in the 'pool' It's on the left just before bridge 35 (Worthington Farm Bridge) heading towards Atherstone. Don't know if this will work but here's a link to google maps: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/mancetter+quarry/@52.5580137,-1.5320686,596m/data=!3m1!1e3
  14. I hope to make it (if I can get there from Alvecote in 1.5 days single handed at Easter weekend), if not I will just have to miss the first night. I guess it's a case of turn up and hope for a mooring on the towpath, or is there something offside that can be booked?
  15. Thanks, I found that thread after I posted. I searched previously for 'South Oxford' and it didn't show up, should have tried harder! Happy to give you some pointers if you want them as you're in my patch. If you like a good ruby and haven't passed through Polesworth yet, I can thoroughly recommend the India Garden above the Bulls Head (bridge 54), good moorings just after the bridge (Tamworth side). Having read through a couple of previous threads, it appears if I time my visit to the lock correctly I can get 2 days worth of boating for a one day ticket Oxford was always on the 'must do' list The 'special' room eh? Sounds like an S&M dungeon. That's most definitely on the list! Thanks all for the pointers, I have the makings of a decent plan now.
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