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  1. Hi Jim, I have A Highbridge 32. It has had an inboard diesel conversion. Its done in a metal pod (box) that just fixes inside the outboard hole (the middle of the back lockers). I would think it could be made, engine installed off the boat and then just slid in place and bolt the pod in. Mine has a mitsubushi 14HP twin in and an early sonic 100 outdrive.(good thing about the sonic is that the rubber bellows are totally out the water).
  2. Hi, have you tried Paloma Bob? he sent me a reconditioned Rinnani boiler very quickly. It was like new. Works very well and straight replacement. He provides outstanding service
  3. Hi Tony1, If you are after a good GRP boat, look at the Highbridge 32. My wife and I bought one a year ago and love it. They are few and far between for sale and as such command a higher price, but they are well made and the original layout packs a lot in. We have an acceptable saloon seats 4 comfortably (converts to large double bed) doors to front well deck (seats 2). Then going back over we have to port, solid fuel stove, dinette, shower/toilet room, single bunk, steps to cruiser stern. from the saloon back on the starboard side is the 2 burner cooker with grill and oven, 8 feet of work bench with storage and fridge under, gas water heater, double wardrobe with shelves, single bunk. The cruiser stern is nice, the inboard diesel is under the seating. Forgot to say it has a 55 Gallon (250 litre) water tank as standard. So all in all, it will sleep 6 (you'd have to be very good friends) has a good size water tank, inboard diesel and solid fuel heating, and looks like a NORMAL narrow boat. We love it and plan to live on it in a year or two. The only down side is it has and outdrive and you are seen to be a second class narrow boater as it PLASTIC Hope this helps Please sorry about any spelling mistakes ( I didn't stick in at school )
  4. Hi that looks really good. Our boat has the original felt roof lining which goes down the sides and under the gunnals. Its really just the bulkheads and sliding kitchen doors and the darkest part is where you come in through the stern doors down between bathroom and wardrobe/cupboard. If our wood was as light as yours I would leave it. (ours is nearly as dark as mahogany )
  5. Stripping, do you mean Nitromors? If so I think we would make a hell of a mess and probably damage some of the GRP
  6. Hi, we did think about trying to sand the varnish back, but it would be a massive job and I'm a bit frightened we would end up with a mess. It really is, do we paint and lighten the whole interior or just give a light sand and re-varnish (and live in the dark).
  7. Hi ,everyone We’re after your opinions please. We have as our first boat, a classic. A highbridge 32. I love the look of the outside with the cruiser stern and seating in the bow. The boat is very original inside, with oak faced ply which would have been quite light when new. However, 35 years on and it is very dark. My question is do we keep it original (like I would a classic car) or do we brighten up the interior by painting it a neutral light colour, (cream or off white). The outside we like with its 70’s beige and brown. Would painting the interior lower the resale value or put people off buying it, when or even if we ever sell her. THANKS in advance Alastair and June
  8. That is beautiful. Mine is just a baby one but its a little boat. Looks like Le Tonkenois it will be then. THANKS Alastair
  9. Hi, its totally oak. So the finishing has to be uv stable, waterproof, with minimal maintenance. Does the Osmo meet the criteria. I thought varnish was meant to be not so good as it peels and chips.
  10. Hi all, I'm getting what I think is called a pigeon/dogbox [newby here], sort of mini hut on the roof, air vent. Its going to be made in oak, but the guy making it wants to know what I want it finishing in. Varnish, Tung oil, Teak oil or something different. So what is the best longest lasting, easiest maintaining STUFF to put on. THANKS Alastair
  11. Hi Wayne, I'd have a couple of jobs you could do for me, I'm on the Lancaster canal near Garstang if that any good. Thanks Alastair
  12. Thanks Tony, will lookout for Endsel and if not will just use fibreglass resin. THANKS again
  13. Hi thanks for the welcome, I would still like a recommendation/suggestions for something to seal the edge of plywood. THANKS
  14. Hi I'm Alastair, A couple of months ago me and my wife June bought our first boat. It is a narrowboat but not a proper one. I doubt we would ever be able to afford a good STEEL one, so we bought a 32ft GRP [I can hear the booing and hissing already] Highbridge. I think I paid over the odds for it but I had a time constraint and had just missed 2 the previous month [none have come up since]. The boat is I think 1982 ish and although quite original, it has been un-loved even neglected for the last few years and we are hoping to get it back up to scratch in time. BUT I'm new to boats and very much a novice at DIY. I WILL have lots of stupid very basic questions the first one of is, I have made up 2 seats/steps for the front well deck out of Buffalo board. I have searched the forum and found that I should use epoxy to seal the edges [great]. Would that be epoxy paint, epoxy glue, epoxy fiberglass resin, epoxy sealer or do I just go into B+Q and ask for a big tin of Epoxy and they'll give me the right stuff THANKS for any advice Alastair
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