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  1. I know this boat well, it has been moored at elesmere port for quite some time, has had a brand new beta 38 about 4/5 years ago and is owned by a church organisation of some sort, have done some work on it and its had a fair amount of money spent on it.
  2. Have worked on a few of these, never start on 4 cylinders, always smoke like a pig on start up and the exhaust fumes always stink, even when the smoke has cleared. If it's fitted with the original gearbox it's the size of a prm500 and twice as heavy and about half as strong as a prm80. We've had three gearbox oil coolers go as well.
  3. I maintain a few of these, very well made and fitted out with everything you need, just on a smaller scale. As you say a waterborne camper van. But one of the few I maintain is used as a live aboard for six months of the year.
  4. We use a considerable amount of keelblack at our workshop. Due to previous opinions and insults on this forum when I've tried to help, I'm not prepared to discuss this publicly, if anyone wants info about what we've found, please feel free to pm me. Andy B
  5. Nick Norman, if you blow the pictures of the covers up, it gives the current ratings on them, I thought the same when I ordered my first batch though.
  6. With my job I use buss bar p/no VA/189B/2 from a company called Furneaux Riddall, these comply with the BSS and all the relevant BMET ISO's. I have no connection with this company other than being a satisfied customer. They have a very good website.
  7. Your spot on meanderingviking, if it's the genuine vetus filter p/No STM3690 it will pass, the one thing with the vetus 2 pots is that some had mechanical fuel pumps and have to be manually bled after removing the filter.if it's a Baldwin filter, they come with a plastic drain plug.
  8. If it's the genuine Vetus fuel filter on the side of the engine, you'll find the plastic nut is only a cover to help you undo the aluminium drain plug underneath it. Have gone to a few boats that have been failed for this, till I proved it to the inspector with a new one from stock.
  9. If i remember correctly, the correct idle speed is 825 +\- 25 RPM
  10. Tony brooks, I find your reply quite offensive, as someone who has a HND in engineering, a degree in vehicle engineering, is a fully qualified British marine electrical technician (BMET). Qualified welder (mig,tig and mma), qualified machinist and blacksmith, MCA Boatmaster, assessor and trainer and has worked on historic boat engines for over 20 years within my own successful company before retiring (and yes I do have the bits of paper to prove it). And the end of the day I was just hoping to offer someone a job (not a yard hand) as wood is an alien substance to me and that as a manager that's the trade we need help with. Well at least I tried. May be, judging by your post I shouldn't have bothered Andy B
  11. Further to my first post, I've now been given authority my the mods. i'm the workshop manager at Tattenhall marina near Chester, we're looking to recruit a narrowboat engineer on a semi casual basis, this is an employed position, but not full time. Ideally this person would have a good background in narrowboat repairs and maintenance but with a leaning towards woodwork/carpentry. for details I can be contacted on 01829 771775 and leave a message and I'll get back to you or pm me on here Thanks Andy B
  12. Does anyone know if I can place a recruitment advert on the forum and who to contact for permission. Moderators please feel free to pm me. cheers Andy B
  13. WotEver, if your bored and got a lot of spare time the ISO'S you need to look at is ISO 13297:2014 for AC & ISO 10133:2012 for DC Andy B
  14. Best practice, not a requirement for inland waterways though, to use tri rated 2,5 cable. hope this helps, Andy B (BMEET).
  15. I would suggest you go to Beal.org and look for isolator switch SH24. I have changed loads of the plastic switchs you are using, they don't like to take as much current as they state, especially find a lot of melted ones on the domestic side of the electrics. I have replaced all the faulty ones I've found with the SH24 switch and never had any problems. Please note I have no connection to beal, just a satisfied customer who has brought from them for many years. Hope this helps. Andy B
  16. Try Rock oil, from Richard/Sue at MES (midlands) / primrose engineering.
  17. Blackrose, the problem to me looking at the picture is, doors sealed to the floor = no air flow, I think that's your problem.
  18. Have come across this once before, when we investigated it, it turned out that the standard of joinery on the boat was that good that it didn't allow any airflow or ventilation in the cupboard bottoms and sides, thus causing this problem. There was no other damp anywhere else on the boat. Hope this helps. Andy B
  19. Rob, a regular set up i fit for continuous cruisers is AGM batteries ( Multicell 125 AH, same size as flooded 110Ah, but twice as heavy.) and a Sterling A to B charger, this gives you the same charge regime as you mains charger but also cuts down on engine running hours considerably. When discussing the AGM's with Multicell they did tell me that the only warranty issues they've had with the AGM's is because the batteries have not been charged hard enough, as they like a good kicking. (There words). Hope this helps. Andy.
  20. I have fitted many sterling chargers at work and find them very reliable and that they do exactly what there supposed to do, plus the backup from the company is very good if you have any problems. I also work on a lot of Victron kit and do find that some of there switchgear can be a bit fragile, both internally and externally (mainly combi's though), plus there back up in this country isn't brilliant. Hope this helps.
  21. Cuthound is spot on with his diagnosis, we come across this problem a lot when we fit these inverters, when people try to charge there mobile phones with the inverter switched to power saver mode and no other 230v loads on.
  22. I find with modern 230v appliances, providing you have a decent size domestic alternator, decent size inverter and decent size battery bank that there is no need for a travel power, I recomend this regularly with my job. My own boat runs a washer/dryer, microwave and the boss's hair dryer quite happily (not at the same time), without a travel power, using twin 110amp alternators, 6 AGM 125ah batteries and a 3000W inverter, never had a problem in 3 years. Hope this Helps.
  23. Have come across this problem before, beta do a modification/fix kit, have just fitted one to a customers engine, but the jury's s out on how long it will last. Seems to only happen to engines with a travel pack fitted.
  24. If it's the one I use, it comes with a patch lead that you just plug in and the whole thing fits in a single switch pattress box and then it's just a matter of setting your programmes.
  25. 35mm cable has a maximum 178 amp capacity, if you want to pm me what you want the wire to supply and the distance you need it to travel I will calculate exactly what you need, if that's any help.
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