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  1. So in case it turns out to be "a bad thing", we shouldn't do it then? Great, lets stick with the good old EU. But what if it turns out (which it will), to be a good thing? I'm off for another few months folks. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  2. We don't know if Brexit is going to be a good thing or not as we haven't left yet. But we'll never know if your mob have their way.
  3. Had 'Leave' lost after 23rd June 2016, I'd have sworn (a lot) and got on with it. But I'd have accepted the result. I find it deeply ironic that the only people who are pushing for another referendum are those who do not accept the democratic result of one.
  4. But what if the result was the same as last time? All the current remainers would clearly not accept the result as they don't accept the present one, so they would be stuck, as there wouldn't be enough time for them to campaign for another referendum. Or do you only not accept the result if you lose? Please stop worrying. It will all work out fine. Europe isn't going to disappear overnight on the 29th of March. Humans are very adaptable. Trade won't stop just because of a few politicians and some noise (which is all Brexit is). But we will be free of the influence of an unelected bureaucracy that I confidently expect to implode in the next few years.
  5. If we follow Jerra's logic, we would need to re-run every vote ever held as it might not reflect the "current will of the people" (and let's face it, no-one actually knows what that is). And then re-run them again, ad infinitum, every few years. There's no point in voting to do something and then changing your mind before you do it in case it doesn't work out the way you expect. You have to act on the vote, see how it goes and then change it in future if necessary. Should there be another vote, I'm a Brexiteer and I know (or rather believe - different things of course, unless you're a remoaner) we would win. Again. But as we have already won, I see no need for another vote to confirm it. As I've said numerous times, all another referendum would prove is that the government don't take any notice of the results of referendums. And it would be a third referendum of course, the first being in 1975.
  6. Oh Aviva do mess around. My van insurance has been with them for the last three years (until next week). For the following, the only change in what they're insuring is that the van and its owner are a year older each time (otherwise no mods, haven't moved house, no accidents etc, no other changes): 2017 premium £246. 2018 premium £325. (It was £382 and they couldn't reduce it when I rang, so I applied as a new customer to get the £325...!) 2019 premium £395. Tried the same trick and their site said they couldn't insure me, even though they already do! It's time to say goodbye. Admiral are quoting £232 for the same cover.
  7. I'd use white spirit applied with a paint brush and plenty of paper towels to shift most of it and then this to finish the job: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001AZE5WS/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's marvellous stuff. It's great on car engine bays and to clean brake dust off wheels too.
  8. He doesn't advertise, but try Les at Welford Wharf. 01858 575995. You'll probably have to join a long waiting list, but that's for good reason.
  9. Spot on, here it is, and all because we're still in the EU at the moment (sorry, I just couldn't resist!):
  10. It would have been sensible for the new marina to have made their entrance onto the canal about eight feet wide at most, rather than its current generous proportions. Perhaps they can install some kind of width restrictor there to prevent any further problems. If I owned a widebeam and found I couldn't go anywhere apart from the marina after I'd been persuaded by the advertising that I could go all over the place from it, I think I might be quite cross.
  11. I briefly corresponded with the marina at North Kilworth in August last year having spotted the first widebeam there and received the following reply: "We have the equipment to handle widebeam craft for our workshop facilities, but wouldn't encourage people to head off down the canal - I certainly wouldn't want to meet one coming the other way!" And yet this evening their website still implies you can do just that: "BOAT LAUNCHING INCL WIDEBEAMS Two boat lifting docks, one of which can take take full length widebeam craft. With easy access from the A4304 and just 10 minutes from the M1, there couldn’t be a better place for launching a boat onto the inland waterways." I'm confused.
  12. Better get the barbecue dusted off then. Anyhow, of course there's really only ever been one weather forecaster worth watching, Paula Fisch. 'Scorchio' (and, just once, 'Nimbo Cumulo').
  13. I remember an 'Alas Smith and Jones' weather forecast sketch (sadly not apparently on YouTube) in which Mr Jones stated 'Tonight it will be dark...."
  14. As I realised over Christmas that however much I'd like to, I can have no influence at all on events in Westminster, I completely stopped watching the news, reading the papers and even looking at this topic on Sunday 6th January. Ignorance has genuinely been bliss and I can thoroughly recommend it. Having briefly dived back in this evening, it's all still exactly the same as it was on the 6th. Lots of shouting people, most of whom have never actually worked for a living (not those on here, I might add!) Someone suggested to me today that we have a General Election in which no existing or previous MPs can stand. A complete change of politicians in fact. I rather like the idea. Right, back to reading about D-Day (the 1944 one) for another week and a half I think.
  15. Limescale reducing magnets are just like injected chemical damp proof courses. We've got both at home (inherited from the previous owners) and neither of them do anything. Personally I love limescale as it helps to pay my bills each month! Your 15mm copper won't be bunged up with limescale. That would take many decades to happen. As has been suggested, it's likely you have some other kind of obstruction in the pipework or the shower valve (blocked filters on the valve inlets being favourite), so I'd check that first. And as has been said, try the shower with the hose removed from the valve in case the hose inner has collapsed. I soak our shower hose and handset ('head') in vinegar overnight once or twice a year to clean them. You can also empty the toilet bowl and refill it with neat vinegar overnight (if you can cross your legs long enough...) to clean out the limescale in that. I'd suggest not reusing the vinegar on your chips though.
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