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Joe the plumber

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  1. Joe the plumber

    How can I remove limescale from copper shower pipes?

    Limescale reducing magnets are just like injected chemical damp proof courses. We've got both at home (inherited from the previous owners) and neither of them do anything. Personally I love limescale as it helps to pay my bills each month! Your 15mm copper won't be bunged up with limescale. That would take many decades to happen. As has been suggested, it's likely you have some other kind of obstruction in the pipework or the shower valve (blocked filters on the valve inlets being favourite), so I'd check that first. And as has been said, try the shower with the hose removed from the valve in case the hose inner has collapsed. I soak our shower hose and handset ('head') in vinegar overnight once or twice a year to clean them. You can also empty the toilet bowl and refill it with neat vinegar overnight (if you can cross your legs long enough...) to clean out the limescale in that. I'd suggest not reusing the vinegar on your chips though.
  2. Joe the plumber

    Brexit 2019

    Of course if Leave wins again (which it certainly would), that would merely confirm the result of the earlier vote, so we'd leave anyway.
  3. Joe the plumber

    Brexit 2019

    If we have another referendum and Remain wins, as the government will have shown by holding it that it ignores the result of referendums, we'll leave anyway, so there's no point in having one.
  4. Joe the plumber

    Brexit 2019

    To completely end the uncertainty about Brexit, here is a comprehensive list of the differences in our daily lives we'll all notice after 29th March 2019 :- I think that just about covers it. Happy New Year.
  5. Joe the plumber

    Brexit 2019

    As I've said all along, no one has ever left the EU before, so no one could, or indeed can say if we're doing it wrong or right. We're simply doing it. Once we've left, we can certainly look back and think about how we might do it differently if we ever had to do it again, but we have to leave first. There were (are) bound to be unforeseen problems, but so far, nothing anyone has said or done has had the slightest effect on my decision to vote to leave. I often wonder if the remainers book a holiday to a new place every year and then always cancel it at the last minute because they might not like it when they get there. In fact if we followed their odd logic, we'd never do anything that had two or more possible outcomes because one of them might not be what we expected. There are far more important problems in this country to be dealt with than Brexit (homelessness, obesity, people who start every sentence with 'So' and say 'Can I get...' to shop assistants, etc, etc... ahem), and the sooner we're out, the sooner we can get on and deal with them.
  6. Joe the plumber

    What's the best ever Christmas record?

    If it has to be records, here's an obscure one (not my favourite, but still quite catchy I think):
  7. Joe the plumber

    Brexit 2019

    I'm always surprised it's supposed that people had to wait to hear the arguments from both sides before deciding which way to vote in the referendum. As soon as David Cameron announced it, I knew I wanted to leave. In fact I'd wanted to leave for many years before he announced it. There was no decision to make and nothing the remainers could have said to make me change my mind. As far as I was concerned, we were in a gilded prison and for one day only, the jailers were going to open the gates and stand back. My fear was that the prisoners had been incarcerated for so long that they would be scared of what was outside and would stay in their cells. To my astonishment, just enough of them had the bottle to step through the gates. There's no way I'm going back inside without a fight now I'm within touching distance of freedom. To quote President Roosevelt, 'the only thing we have to fear is fear itself'.
  8. Joe the plumber

    What's the best ever Christmas record?

    Bach's 'Christmas Oratorio', or Schutz' 'Weihnachtshistorie'. Well you did say best ever....
  9. Joe the plumber

    Paypal Account

    Please have a look here (from the real PayPal site): https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/security/report-problem
  10. Joe the plumber

    Paypal Account

    It's [email protected] not .co.uk That will possibly be why it hasn't worked.
  11. Joe the plumber

    Paypal Account

    To the OP. Forward the e-mail without clicking on anything in it to '[email protected]'. It helps them to deal with the spammers. One clue is that they always address you by your name as per your account. Any message apparently from them that doesn't, isn't from them.
  12. Joe the plumber

    Brexit 2019

    I liked the MP in parliament this afternoon who told Mrs M that if she told the EU to 'get stuffed', she'd have the support of the majority of people. He might well be right. I've customers who are both remainers and leavers, but they all tell me they just want Brexit to happen so we can get on with sorting out the more important things facing the country (including, in one case, finding a suitable replacement for José Mourinho...!)
  13. Joe the plumber

    Brexit 2019

    Anyone who is after a 'second' (third, actually) referendum should bear in mind that if you get one, it won't do you any good as all it will prove is that the government ignores the results of referendums. Mrs M's insistence that there won't be another one is pretty much the only thing about her that I like.
  14. Hopefully she was still fit enough to cope when they took her below deck and chained her to the oars....
  15. Joe the plumber

    Brexit 2019

    How do you know? It's never been done before, so that's just pure speculation. No one can know how it will turn out until after we've done it. As I think I've said before, Brexit is all merely paper and noise. Trust me, I'm a plumber. Everything will be fine.

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