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  1. The gitty gappers annoy me, especially when I can't get in to the pub! I think we should re-discover an old canal custom that boats would be moved a few feet either way (and securely re-tied) in the name of neatness, efficiency and shorter walks back home.
  2. It's a pretty bridge, but so is the Humber Bridge and that's a white elephant too
  3. Direct and Boat are not well matched in my experience
  4. I've never boated through London but I think it's time to get it in before diesel boats are banned. This is what Khan is planning http://www.itv.com/news/london/2017-06-21/londoners-urged-to-abandon-cars-and-take-up-walking-and-cycling/ the timescales are not exactly tight, but he did specifically mention diesel powered boats when interviewed on R4
  5. TOO BLOODY FAST, YOU "£$%"£$ "£$"£$"£$$£ apparently. :bothered:
  6. It'd probably be wading - it's all pretty shallow...
  7. Thanks for all your replies. We've had the filters changed and the boiler is running fine (for now). I'll dip the tank and see if there's anything horrible in there. It's a plastic tank, but un-bunded. If a replacement is necessary then I guess it'll have to be moved because it's next to the coal/wood shed and also very close to our neighbours kitchen - separated by 5ft, 4 of which are vertical! fun fun fun.
  8. I guess this isn't really boating, but.... Our home boiler is clogging up on "dirty oil" which is a first for us. The boiler guy hasn't heard of Diesel Bug, but is it a possibility? The tank hasn't been filled since July so anything stirred up by the delivery should have settled long ago. Cheers, Morat
  9. This year, even the Viking Centre flooded which is a first (since 1984). No one quite knows how, yet, since it's a sealed concrete box under street level....
  10. http://road.cc/content/news/172242-crowdfunding-launched-floating-london-bike-workshop-bicycle-barge Seeing as I don't live in London, or cycle on towpaths I'm rather unsure what to make of this. Good idea?
  11. Morat

    C B Radio

    Hourses for courses. Most people who criticise CB are not CB users, same for Amateur, VHF or PMR. Then you get people who just hate radio full stop. I have a VHF ready should I ever need it, but we tend to take CBs on the boat because I have a couple of handhelds with autosquelch. I've never heard anyone else on CB who was on a narrowboat, but I've normally been sitting on one obscure channel talking to my wife at locks or when one of us has gone ahead to look for a mooring spot. Whatever radio you use, they're extremely useful in those situations, or just for asking for a cup of tea if you can't be bothered to shout. I guess in my ideal world there'd be a common channel for narrowboats that any canal based CBers could monitor, but getting people to agree on one would probably be impossible. At least in the 4x4 community they've got 16 as a pretty logical number to use. If anyone can think of a number between 1-40 (apart from 9 and 19) that would appeal to narrowboaters, feel free to chime in! CB has a bit more range than PMR especially over open countryside but they're all limited when you're in close proximity to walls, bridges, locks, trees etc. The good news is that you can't really get a better ground plane than the roof of a steel narrowboat. Sadly it's true that a lot of what you hear on 19 these days is a small local clique talking to each other day in and out about nothing. That doesn't mean that if you've got something to say and someone to say it to, CB can't be used as a perfectly good means of comms. PMR is definitely cheaper, though. And for anyone still talking in 80s slang, no one waffles on about convoys or rubber ducks any more than they wear red specs and braces with their leather filofax - you're just showing your age. One day I'll get round to doing my amateur license and then I'll think about some handhelds on a higher frequency but they'll never be commonly used because they cost and they're restricted to licensed operators. edit: Don't forget that CB can now use SSB and AM legally so there's a bit more capability over the standard UK FM that we've had since the 80s Here are some radios http://www.kcb.co.uk/shop2/contents/en-uk/d151_Multimode_%28AM_FM_SSB%29.html
  12. Move the Government to Leeds. The House of Commons is facing a £3bn repair bill so we could offset the cost against that. I'm sure we could lay on a train to get Her Majesty to the opening of Parliament on time. Also, there's a serious problem with the housing bubble in London which is distorting the market. When foreign investors are snapping up the new builds off the plans and UK residents are therefore forced to be tenants to overseas landlords, we're justified (IMO) to start charging some punitive taxes on non-dom owners of UK property. Of course, sucessive governments are scared that they'll overcook it and push property prices down, which would destroy their chances at the next election even though property prices are (IMO) far too high.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-33762806 Seems strange for the Dutch to mess up this sort of thing, but I guess it can happen to anyone. I hope no one was hurt.
  14. I use them (when we remember to pack/charge etc) because it's nice to be able to chat to my wife while one of us is off the boat and it keeps our young son amused during long and boring (to him) lock flights. I'm not sure how a walkie talke makes it easier to walk to the next lock and turn it, surely that would happen anyway with or without the radio? In any event, grabbing locks and wasting water is definitely the mark of a small minded *(*(*£$ and the sort of person you'd want to cill themselves in their rush to save 30s of leisure time.
  15. Wow, erm. Without wishing to criticise the previous incarnation - that really is a transformation!!
  16. Without wishing to start another cyclists vs boaters flamewar... does anyone have any experience of the Regents Canal and the towpath conditions? There seems to be some friction http://road.cc/content/news/158682-petition-asks-google-maps-stop-routing-cyclists-along-busy-regents-canal-towpath
  17. Morat

    Blind corners

    Not only you... But at least you don't get the "Bloody Hireboaters" abuse on top!
  18. A life jacket with a built in harness is a good investment. I've fished my dog out from under the boat before and it was a real shock. Had she been wearing her jacket she wouldn't have sunk deep enough to become trapped. Basset hounds have very little reserve buoyancy but at least they're easy to grab due to all the loose skin. Getting a grip on something like a staffy or bull terrier is much harder.
  19. Since the fox ban I've taken up seal clubbing. It's good fun, but my horse is getting bored
  20. Yes, Foxton locks - very eery to see them in that state. Last time I was there it was a hot sunny day and there were hundreds (if not thousands) of gongoozlers pushing gates and scoffing ice cream. It's like a glimpse into another world where there was no canal restoration.
  21. Really it's about Cycling and Trains (two subjects dear to CWF members hearts ) but if you look at 10.57 there's some canal content too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPkT0paGEnQ edit: makes more sense with the link
  22. When we get legal definitions for "Whizzing" and "Breakneck Speed" we can take this post seriously. Until then, it's just emotive language.
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