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  1. I guess from your question that you have no experience with boats or boating. Where in the country do you live, how far can you travel to look at boats? What kind of boat do you have in mind, narrowboat, widebeam or maybe cruiser? While we are all subject tl this lockdown because of the virus you would be well advised to look online at boat sales. You can find lots of sellers, from single boats to hundreds offered on the same site. All or most brokers will have online sites and from there you can soon see boats that you like the look of. Some years ago while looking for our boat we visited one large broker in the Midlands that has been mentioned in answers above. We told the guy in receptione what we were interested in, he gave us keys to about 5 boats and told us to take a look and bring the keys back when we had made our choice. We didnt like how they olerated and left. All other boat sales we visited we were taken onto boats and all questions were answered while on the boat. It took about two and a half years before we found the boat we bought. Dont be in a hurry to buy, make sure its the one you really want before you buy.
  2. Hi, before we bought our boat we hired a narrowboat for a holiday. It was very worthwhile as it taught us lots, not only the things we wanted but even more useful the things we just couldnt live with. It took about two and a half years to find the right boat but we have lived happily aboard for more than six years now. Dont rush into making any decisions you might regret later.
  3. Doesnt time fly when you are enjoying yourself?
  4. Here at Nottingham Castle Marina there are washers and dryers, but pet bedding is not allowed in either. Showers are in the same block. We live on our narrow boat, complete with shower and washing machine, thus we shower onboard and use our own washing machine. In cold, wet weather we use the marina dryers but in warmer weather we dry clothers under the cratch.
  5. We have used Ricky Tropman in the past, he is a nice guy and gives good advise. His phone number is 07887 836754. His charges are very reasonable .
  6. We have a composting toilet, installed a little over a year ago and also use coir in the "solids" box. Our experiences are very much the same as frahkn and we too would not go back to the old toilet arrangements. We do live on our boat.
  7. You mention that you intend your genny to stay on the roof. Noise and vibrations apart, you will need to move it if you intend to cruise away from London some bridges are too low to allow your boat plus genny to pass under.
  8. A guy here has just had a P V C cover and when I said how well it looked he said he wished he had chosen the canvas one as his was causing condensation.
  9. I can only think that Giles and Shiela are cheaper than other more suitable people.
  10. Before you go through Nottingham you might like to check the hight of the railway bridge as a friend cant get through, his boat is just a couple of inches too high.
  11. You dont mention what time you were subject to this noisy generator. Everyone has the right to charge their batteries and providing its done before 20.00 hrs, and the generator is fitted with a silencer I am of the opinion that your choices are limited to speaking to the other boat owner or moving your boat. If you speak to the other guy, you may be surprised by his (or her) reaction. Of cause if you choose to move, you may find that another boater moors within ear shot of you and runs his generator.
  12. I had a similar problem some years ago . There is no lead, or substitute in LPG , thus the valves were sticking. I ran my engine on petrol for a few hours, before changing back to LPG. That cured the fault for me and I suspect it would yours too. Thereafter, after every 40hrs on LPG, I used petrol for 5 or 6 hours.
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  15. If you stand/sit with your back to the tiller, directly over the gearbox look down. On the top of the gearbox towards the left corner you should see your dipstick. You should see a round bar like tube that terminates about 3 inches above the top of the gearbox with a round part to put your finger in. A good pull will release the dipstick and you will find 2 marks, H & L. The correct oil is A.T.F.
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