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Our first adventure v2.0

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Hello everyone,

Well the day is finally here tomorrow morning (Wednesday 19th July) we will travel down to Sawley Marina and take Kathleen out for her first major trip, repairs to engine are done, if Paola can get on the boat (if not modifications will be made later) then it will be both of us, if not I will go solo.

Our goal is to get from Sawley on the River Trent to Aston Marina on the TMC.

We should be leaving home at 9:30, plan to leave the Marina at 11-12 but will not rush if something is not ready.

As long as I can figure out how to access this site on my tablet you will know how it is going :).


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Cruiser no weed hatch, first day of travel started out great got use to the boat but then half way through the second lock the throttle gear thingie got stuck in forward, we made it through that lock and made it to just before Aston lock no 3, with only forward power it would not slip into neutral or reverse so could not chance another lock.

Seems the long cable that goes from the throttle to the engine died, canal and river rescue came out but the longest version of the cable they had was 10 feet ours needed a 17 foot so they ordered a new one and will come fit it today, seat and cushions actually form a full size bed so after playing Tetris with pillow we slept.

 Had a recurring dream I think all boaters do about us slipping of mooring but hooks and spike held.


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1 hour ago, Calranthe said:

Just a waiting game now it has rained since 5am only two small leaks on separate windows the rubber seal needs replacing.

We had very heavy rain over night. It has cleared to leave a nice day here in Oban. 

The wind dies down overnight as well which is a blessing.


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Our trip is over, and our time with Kathleen we are having her towed back to Sawley and put up for selling.

It was not the throttle/gear cable, it was the enfield Z leg that froze up, it could be something simple but the boat needs to be out of the water and when both me and an Engineer looked at the Leg it looks like it has not had a good service in a long time.

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What a shame, I feel sorry for you both.

As NC says, it is probably worth getting the Enfield leg repaired, as the boat will be worth far less without it working.

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To change NCB back to wot I rote, NC. Blurry autowrong.
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