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Sorry for the massive delay in update.....


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Hi guys and gals!


So sorry for the massive delay.....we officially moved on 28th December but have had one disaster after another.....on top of the lovely weather!


Just a quick list of our wonderful adventure so far.....


Moved on and after 2 days the diesel generator decided to pop open and spill diesel all over the back cabin. Then our gas bottles were leaking so only lasting us a couple of days. I got gangplank fear and couldn't get off the boat and then I started getting ill with a bug. Then Dean got stuck in Pewsey in the van during one of the floods and I was stuck waiting for him while he got towed back.....plus only had about £2 in my pocket LOL!


The weather obviously hasn't helped but Dean managed to fix the generator. Then our propulsion problems started and we're in the middle of trying to sort out the gearbox etc which isn't easy with this old de-engineered kingfisher!


Other than that, we're settling in and getting used to life afloat. I'm loving all the nature and being so close to the weather ....we've met some lovely people and they've all been great, helpful and kind......


I'll look forward to updating with some photos etc in due course, just wanted to tell you that we're still alive and hope that the weather isn't having too ill effects on you all........batten down the hatches ;) xxx

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Hehehe thanks peeps! Keep up the Latin lessons! ;) x


Managed to find a gearbox for the Kingfisher engine, just got to wait a couple of weeks to get it fitted and hopefully move somewhere more sensible.....we're at Wide Water on the K&A and although its a beautiful spot (and right next to where Dean is working) its pretty horrendous on the towpath and quite a long walk to the van......we will not be beaten!

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