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  1. and how can you get hung up by going into a lock that's going up?
  2. not much boating going on #historyprogramme
  3. deckhand

    New Seats

    I do have the originals and can work from the sizes. They are all different sizes and shapes. fit like a jigsaw to make a double bed. I would like to put zips in the covers so that I can wash them if necessary. (Im laughing at myself here because I sound like I know how to fit a zip ;)) Still, live and learn I suppose. I have seen an advert on FB of a company close by that do cushions and covers for caravans and boats. Might get a quote and weigh it up against doing it myself (factoring in what things may turn out like if I do it) . Got to get myself a sewing machine too so....
  4. deckhand

    New Seats

    you have made me wonder if it needs to be foam. Maybe there is a better material out there. Im going to have to do some more research now.
  5. deckhand

    New Seats

    Thankyou, I will take a look Ive got 4 already.
  6. deckhand

    New Seats

    We are just starting to "do up" our boat. The previous owners obviously had dogs and the bed cushions in the boatmans cabin smell like the dogs slept there. We need new cushions and covers. I have a fancy of having a go at making them myself. Has anyone done this themselves before? Can anyone suggest the best place for some thick sponge which I can cut to size or maybe get cut to size? I am looking around for a second hand sewing machine to give it a go at making the covers.
  7. Contact; Lime Turtle Designs 30 Dale St, Burton-on-Trent DE14 3TF Phone: 01283 529429
  8. For vinyl , on our second boat, we had a Company called Lime Turtle, Iain Arnold did a smashing job on the signs for our shop boat. He's based in Burton on Trent, and can be found on Linked in or Facebook.
  9. Robert did the signwriting on our first boat, Progress. We were very happy with what he did.
  10. https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/aqualine/589994 hotel boat for sale, boat only, doesn't include the business.
  11. deckhand


  12. deckhand

    At Last

    Congratulations on your new big boat. Hope you will be very happy together, Have fun
  13. we eventually climbed over the gate and spoke to Eric. He looks after the marina. very helpful. we have our boat moored there and when we were at the boat last weekend, there were a lot more boats in there than in the last couple of weeks so assuming many have come in for the winter. We are advised that the owner keeps making himself unavailable and that the boaters order their own coal and supplies. No diesel available either at the moment. AM watching all info with interest.
  14. We lived on a narrowboat, a cruiser stern, it always had a canopy so water getting into the bilge area never happened. We also had a trad , where the engine was in the stern which also never had water in the bilge so I had not come across this being an issue. We have just bought ourselves a trad but the engine is in the middle of the boat so the only way into the stern end is under the steps where the weed hatch is but I didn't know how water might get in here (unless weed hatch mishap). We are not living on this one so have it in a marina but just want to be aware of anything that could happen whilst we are away from her.
  15. Could I ask what may seem a daft question? You asked was it "just rain water". Serious question, how would rain water cause something like this?
  16. Not new to this site, have had two nb before as liveaboard. Had the past 4 years back on land and we are now in the process of buying our 3rd boat for leisure. Survey being done on the 6th September, fingers crossed.
  17. We have today tried many different ways to get hold of someone at Brinklow Marina to make some enquiries into mooring. We turned up at the gate, which was padlocked. Loads of vehicles and boats inside but no-one around. We called the mobile number on the gate , got an answer machine, called the main landline number, answer machine. found another mobile, answer machine. Left message but no-one has called back. I cannot get their web site to work properly either, it keeps dropping into a "cannot connect you at this time mode". Its very strange. Maybe someone knows something that I don't or maybe has another way of contacting. Can anyone help?
  18. This thread has been helpful to me too. Our survey is being done on the 15th August. Had two boats before but its been a helpful reminder of some of the smaller things to get prepared.
  19. having commissioned a boat in the past, we had terrible mould problem under the bed (around water tank). We had no front bow door. The boat had several issues but we demanded a survey. It failed. It failed on venting. Basically there wasn't any in the front of the boat, and none in the doors. It had to go back into the makers (who are now out of business) to have quite a number of things put right. We are just embarking on our third boat and about to have a survey done. But I learnt an awful lot from that first boat.
  20. your boat, you are the one to spend time and money on making it your own(very exciting), you are the one to enjoy cruising along, to enjoy mooring up for a tea and cake or a beer and sarnie. WHy do you need anyone to reassure you. No matter what, enjoy and have fun. (Boat looks great by the way)
  21. You will probably find it will serve you well then. Different cruising whether turning left or right, couple of pubs local to the marina plus shops and the fact that the security is very good at Mercia. Good luck to you. Hope you find that it suits you and your focus can be on your boat and boating rather than any issues with your mooring.
  22. we lived at Mercia for two and a half years as liveaboards. It was great until we were told we had to move from the mooring that we had taken time to 'choose' and got settled on, got to know the people around us etc. With liveaboard status, we had to move to a different pontoon. then 9 months later, had to move again. We have 4 dogs and had chosen a berth second in from the end of the pontoon which made life a little easier when having to take them out for toilet and walks. After the moving about, we ended up(not through choice but just what was available) in the middle, alongside people who didnt want to use leads for their dogs, letting them sit in the middle of the pontoon so we couldnt get past with ours. The amount of dogs mess in the dog walking fields all became a big issue too (we are ones who religiously picked up after ours). You could stand at the entrance to the dog fields and see people 100 yards ahead of their dog whilst the dog was happily making the mess behind them. All became far to stressful in the end.
  23. Sorry to hear this sad news. I loved reading Fiona and John's blog and the articles too when we were first contemplating moving onto a boat. Condolences to John and family.
  24. We ended up contacting the MD of BT in order to get resolution to our BT problem. We had the most awful service (we were at the end of a very long line and just about as far away as you could be from the exchange,)however, our argument was that they sold it to us , they knew it would never be any good. Eventually, after many many irate and mind numbingly calls with the call centre in India, we eventually contacted Gavin Patterson further to the advice of one of their own engineers. Whilst they did some work, it was never great and they offered us a "get out of contract with no penalties" and the advice that we would be better off going to another supplier. After suggesting that this would be daft as they all use the same damned wire, we took their get out offer and moved house.
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