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  1. We have today tried many different ways to get hold of someone at Brinklow Marina to make some enquiries into mooring. We turned up at the gate, which was padlocked. Loads of vehicles and boats inside but no-one around. We called the mobile number on the gate , got an answer machine, called the main landline number, answer machine. found another mobile, answer machine. Left message but no-one has called back. I cannot get their web site to work properly either, it keeps dropping into a "cannot connect you at this time mode". Its very strange. Maybe someone knows something that I don't or maybe has another way of contacting. Can anyone help?
  2. This thread has been helpful to me too. Our survey is being done on the 15th August. Had two boats before but its been a helpful reminder of some of the smaller things to get prepared.
  3. having commissioned a boat in the past, we had terrible mould problem under the bed (around water tank). We had no front bow door. The boat had several issues but we demanded a survey. It failed. It failed on venting. Basically there wasn't any in the front of the boat, and none in the doors. It had to go back into the makers (who are now out of business) to have quite a number of things put right. We are just embarking on our third boat and about to have a survey done. But I learnt an awful lot from that first boat.
  4. your boat, you are the one to spend time and money on making it your own(very exciting), you are the one to enjoy cruising along, to enjoy mooring up for a tea and cake or a beer and sarnie. WHy do you need anyone to reassure you. No matter what, enjoy and have fun. (Boat looks great by the way)
  5. You will probably find it will serve you well then. Different cruising whether turning left or right, couple of pubs local to the marina plus shops and the fact that the security is very good at Mercia. Good luck to you. Hope you find that it suits you and your focus can be on your boat and boating rather than any issues with your mooring.
  6. we lived at Mercia for two and a half years as liveaboards. It was great until we were told we had to move from the mooring that we had taken time to 'choose' and got settled on, got to know the people around us etc. With liveaboard status, we had to move to a different pontoon. then 9 months later, had to move again. We have 4 dogs and had chosen a berth second in from the end of the pontoon which made life a little easier when having to take them out for toilet and walks. After the moving about, we ended up(not through choice but just what was available) in the middle, alongside people who didnt want to use leads for their dogs, letting them sit in the middle of the pontoon so we couldnt get past with ours. The amount of dogs mess in the dog walking fields all became a big issue too (we are ones who religiously picked up after ours). You could stand at the entrance to the dog fields and see people 100 yards ahead of their dog whilst the dog was happily making the mess behind them. All became far to stressful in the end.
  7. Sorry to hear this sad news. I loved reading Fiona and John's blog and the articles too when we were first contemplating moving onto a boat. Condolences to John and family.
  8. We ended up contacting the MD of BT in order to get resolution to our BT problem. We had the most awful service (we were at the end of a very long line and just about as far away as you could be from the exchange,)however, our argument was that they sold it to us , they knew it would never be any good. Eventually, after many many irate and mind numbingly calls with the call centre in India, we eventually contacted Gavin Patterson further to the advice of one of their own engineers. Whilst they did some work, it was never great and they offered us a "get out of contract with no penalties" and the advice that we would be better off going to another supplier. After suggesting that this would be daft as they all use the same damned wire, we took their get out offer and moved house.
  9. I totally agree. I have sold one through apolloduck and one through an agent. I would certainly have a go at selling one myself first next time if I was able to.
  10. I didnt find the heat/cold difficult or affecting my health whilst I lived on the boat. What I did find affected my health and breathing was the dust and smoke from the woodburner.
  11. I used to do the locking work because i hated being on the boat in the deep locks
  12. I fully agree with you, the green was never a contender for us. Blue everytime
  13. Having lived in Mercia Marina, prior to the liveaboard moving rules, boaters had a berth, which they more or less chose and stayed there. You got to know your neighbours and watched out for each other. Then the Liveaboard rules came in and anyone with that status then has to move every 10 months or so to meet the requirements of the Council. This meant you end up with neighbours that you dont know (or want in some cases). It kind of ruined the neighbourly feel for us. We took time initially to choose the berth we wanted when we decided to move in Mercia but having had to move a couple of times, our chosen pontoon got snapped up which meant we lost the neighbours we had developed a rapport with. I would have challenged anyone on a neighbours boat prior to the rules, because we got to know when people were expected, having work done, etc and in fact have challenged people in the past. (Remembering one night at 11pm when someone was wandering around the marina in the dark, couldnt tell us which boat he was looking for. Turned out eventually that he was stopping with his brother and got lost but he was challenged by us.
  14. I agree with this, been wondering the same myself. They could have stolen a boat that could have merged in with the many others out there with few identifiable points. This particular boat had so many stand out things to look for that even a lick of paint would have never let it sail by without question. No doubt will all come out in the wash. I am very pleased that the boat has been recovered and the owners are reunited.
  15. A lot of respect to you for being proactive and actually going out there. I was watching the thread last night and itching for some one to do that. The owners will I am sure be on here soon (hopefully) to update us all but you and the people who took the photo initially deserve some extra praise.
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