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  1. Hehehe thanks peeps! Keep up the Latin lessons! x Managed to find a gearbox for the Kingfisher engine, just got to wait a couple of weeks to get it fitted and hopefully move somewhere more sensible.....we're at Wide Water on the K&A and although its a beautiful spot (and right next to where Dean is working) its pretty horrendous on the towpath and quite a long walk to the van......we will not be beaten!
  2. Hi guys and gals! So sorry for the massive delay.....we officially moved on 28th December but have had one disaster after another.....on top of the lovely weather! Just a quick list of our wonderful adventure so far..... Moved on and after 2 days the diesel generator decided to pop open and spill diesel all over the back cabin. Then our gas bottles were leaking so only lasting us a couple of days. I got gangplank fear and couldn't get off the boat and then I started getting ill with a bug. Then Dean got stuck in Pewsey in the van during one of the floods and I was stuck waiting for him while he got towed back.....plus only had about £2 in my pocket LOL! The weather obviously hasn't helped but Dean managed to fix the generator. Then our propulsion problems started and we're in the middle of trying to sort out the gearbox etc which isn't easy with this old de-engineered kingfisher! Other than that, we're settling in and getting used to life afloat. I'm loving all the nature and being so close to the weather ....we've met some lovely people and they've all been great, helpful and kind...... I'll look forward to updating with some photos etc in due course, just wanted to tell you that we're still alive and hope that the weather isn't having too ill effects on you all........batten down the hatches xxx
  3. I'm sure I've seen somewhere that you only need clips at the bottom of the glass....we have 1 in each corner on ours....bit confused....should there be 4 or 2 in total to hold the glass in place?
  4. I really hope someone can help you out hun.....for now, I'd just grab anything, get everyone wrapped up in jumpers, fleeces whatever you can find and keep everyone hydrated with boiled water - dehydration can be a massive problem when your already sick
  5. So sorry for the bug striking. I can only suggest using a biological washing powder mixed into a sort of paste and scrubbed into the affected areas. the enzymes will break down any smells and hopefully stop any damage to the mattress / duvets. Rinsing may be a problem but if you've got a large bucket or something? I do this if my dog is sick on the carpet....it eliminates any smells and stops rotting but not sure how well it will work on your stuff. Worth a try? Get well soon guys x
  6. Thank you so much for this....I will show it to Dean later We are moored on K&A
  7. Yeah our surveyor was very thorough and couldn't have known about the leak - we've only noticed since the recent rain. It will all work out once we're moved on
  8. Thanks Keith....we don't have cables (?) they are metal rods with a rod selector (is this what you mean?) So basically we pull the gear stick back for reverse (clunk), then to the next groove for neutral (clunk) and then forward again for....forward (clunk) but the forward gear groove seems quite worn away so it slips out of gear if you don't hold it in forward. All your comments much appreciated though....will keep trying
  9. Yes Mike, it should be tempered glass like an oven door ....normal glass would just break with any heat. We got ours cut from a Morso supplier (Dinghams in Salisbury) .....we will live and learn with this I guess
  10. Thanks Allan.....it doesn't help that we're not on the boat at the moment so we can't try different things as we're having to drive down to the boat to move her and then come home again. I'm sure once we're on we'll suss it out (hopefully) Cheers
  11. Thanks Keith.....will give this a go. We're not really sure but just seemed odd that the glass was cracked after the little "explosion" so we just put two and two together. It wasn't cracked before that sooooooo......
  12. We've only had the boat a couple of months and only had a chance to drive her on a few weekends to move her. We didn't seem to have this problem the first couple of times out and seems to be a new problem. The leaves sound like a possibility and as we are new to this a definite learning curve. Our engine is in the back cabin so we can see the prop shaft spinning but seems to lose speed at tickover - we also don't know what type of gearbox it is at the moment (prob something we should know!) - we've got all the paperwork on the boat so will check that out. Speaking to Dean, he says that the oil has been over filled in the gear box so would that have this effect? Previous owner seems to have over filled it but would this level need to be reduced to help propulsion? We know we're going slow as we've had a few comments from other boaters about "not being in rush" hahahaha! thanks for all your replies, it's really appreciated
  13. Another question sorry peeps! We are having problems with the Kingfisher engine and seems like the tickover propulsion is almost nothing, we're not moving anywhere fast (in tickover terms). We thought that the prop was gunged up but on checking it was clear. We seem to be going nowhere fast and have to really push the revs up to get her going .....are we missing something? Not sure if the gear box needs adjusting but the push / pull gear stick just isn't clicking into place on forward so we are like the slow pokes on the canal! Any suggestions? sorry to be a pain in the neck
  14. Yeah maybe a pigeon box come to think of it.....anyway, it's leaking but only in one corner and shouldnt' be too hard to fix up. Quite funny how you look at a boat and all seems perfect until you buy it and use it...then all the little problems start hahahahaa....we are not worried just want to get moved on now so we can deal with them as they happen
  15. Hi guys, not been on for ages, sorry.....so much going on with the house etc and had a week of problems with a gas leak next door....all sorted but it's put us back a bit. My question is about our Morso Squirrel (with back boiler). We used it the first weekend that we stayed on the boat and the back boiler expansion tank over blew and ended up having to fill up again with water. We think there was an air lock and that caused some pressure which managed to crack the glass in the front of the stove. We didn't notice it until the next visit and have removed the glass and taken the door off. Now we have new glass and realise that we didn't need to top up the expansion tank because that's why we ended up with water all over the back cabin floor! So now we have new glass, Dean has sheared the old screws off and ready to drill new holes for the screws and new rope etc but we obviously don't want the same thing to happen. I've seen a post on here about building the stove fire slowly so that the heat rises at a slow rate and stops any sudden overheating but I can't find that post. Is there a way of building a stove fire that needs to be built up slow? We don't want the glass to crack again.... £35 a time lol! Cheers for any help, we've looked on youtube but I can't find anything really relevant unless I'm looking for the wrong things ?
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