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Huawei 535-232 connection problems


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Anyone else suffering with this ?

Seems the Certificate is out of date (expired Nov16,22 ) despite having the latest version of firmware installed on Router.

As well as connection problems this stops you accessing the router settings until you add it to your trusted sites. Until then you will get a redirection to hirouter.net Which is a real pain when you are trying to work out why you are not connecting to the internet.

On my EE data sim, which is faster, I can connect to most of the internet on the laptop (Windows Updates,Google works but not Bing!) ,TV,phones but not the software update on the Router (times out) as well as all of my security cams and anything on Ewelink (heating,immersion etc). Very annoying as I bought the SIM specifically for that purpose.

If I put my slower Three data Sim in however, which is slooow, I can instantly connect to everything. Except it takes ages. Even the router software update works and tells me I have the latest version.

Checked and changed time settings etc but cannot get the EE sim to work properly-any ideas anyone?


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13 minutes ago, Hudds Lad said:

Seems its a known issue and until Huawei update the certs you’re stuck with it :( 


Wonder if i’ll have same prob with our B535-235 when back onboard?

Its weird how it only really affects my EE sim (havent tried anyone else other than Three which has just expired so fingers crossed on the new sim when it arrives). Well actually bloody annoying because I chucked one £50 EE Sim away thinking it had either  run out or was faulty 😀

Hope yours works better for you..

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The cert problem with is a different problem to your EE problem.

I doubt huawei will change it as it pushes people to use the AI Life app which doesn't do as much as i need.

I use this

To access the original web page after ignoring the security stuff

Big problem for me on the boat is Huactrl. Doesn't matter at home as I'm using 5g.


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29 minutes ago, PaulJ said:

Thanks @Loddon - Id already found using that addy got me into the router again- shame it was after I had lobbed the sim and got a new one though  😀

Might give that Huactrl a bash see if it helps any..

Huactrl wont work with the new router software so dont buy it. 

However LTE manager does

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I find the above entirely incomprehensible.

My Huawei router with twin sockets works with twin antennae on the roof.

I don't think I should have to do anything else, I certainly don't want to do anything else.

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