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River Only How Far South


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How far south can you go on the Soar with a river only license?


In my marina it is an article of faith that you cannot go into Loughborough let alone beyond on a river only license, but looking at the T&C''s it says 'Trent Junction to Leicester'.


Anyone know for certain which is correct?





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Back when my boat was Soar based, on the south side of Loughborough, those with river only licenses could boat as far as Leicester, but that was a few years ago now. Deciding between what is actually written in the license T&C's and what random boaters reckon is written in the T&C's shouldn't be a hard call to make 😀. Similar to deciding between what is actually written in to the boat safety scheme requirements and what some boaters (and BSS inspectors) reckon is in the BSS requirements. The navigation makes use of the river for long stretches between Trent Junction and Leicester. It is only beyond that it leaves the Soar completely and has its own cut. The sections of artificial cut before then are used to bypass weirs and so on. The longest of these is the stretch through Loughborough, but it is intrinsically no different from the short lock cuts at Kegworth, Zouch and the rest.

The towpath telegraph can be wrong.

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Rivers Registration applies to river navigations and is defined by the limits of those navigations NOT by an arbitrary definition of what is a canal or a river. In some cases River Registration applies on canal sections and in others it doesn't apply even though the waterway is actually a river. 


C&RT refer to the Soar Navigation, historically this started (or ended) at West Bridge, Leicester, where it met the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Union Canal so you'd be covered as far upstream as that. 

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10 minutes ago, Naughty Cal said:

Interesting that they don't mention that you can use the SSYN for a maximum of 72 hours per transit on that list anymore.


Have they removed that now?





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