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Liverpool Street area London

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I’m looking to move near Liverpool Street ,London with the boat  as I changed my job. I want to change the location every 2 weeks  maybe in straight  line for like 4 areas in total…then return back.  Never been in the area with the boat so 

wondering If there are any facilities (water tap, place where to empty the toilet I think it’s called Elsan)

I done west London so far and it was really nice…I could find free parking as well almost all the time, 2taps for like 4 areas. 
If anyone can please recommend any area where can I start my journey from would be very appreciated and thank you in advance.( not necessarily in the heart of Liverpool Street if is not doable… up to half hour away with the car could be ok as well)

I know for some might be a stupid question and there are haters everywhere…people that think they was born with knowledge. However thank you 


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None of us was born with knowledge, but numerous members here have gained a great deal of knowledge through many years' experience. Your question is certainly not stupid, and people with local knowledge will surely be along to help before long.

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I would really recommend cruising up the Lee and Stort! I'm a liveaboard, my office is near Liverpool Street and although I don't go there all the time, I have enough times to experience the journey. The railway all the way up the Lee to Hertford and the Stort to Bishop's Stortford follows the rivers, goes directly to Liverpool Street and there are plenty of stations, so the journey is really easy. I've basically moved from one station to the next over the last year or so which is plenty to satisfy CRT (our local CRT checker commented "You actually move like you're supposed to!"). You'll find it easier for parking the car as you get out of London too, the East end of the Regents Canal and the very lower end of the Lee is increasingly covered by Resident Permit Zones. The only limitation might be the cost of train tickets.


Additionally, the top of the Lee and the Stort just offer some really lovely places to be... far better for the soul than trying stick to the minimum on the Regents and lower Lee.


The Lee and Stort Boaters group on Facebook is a helpful community :)

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