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  1. Hi, I’m looking to move near Liverpool Street ,London with the boat as I changed my job. I want to change the location every 2 weeks maybe in straight line for like 4 areas in total…then return back. Never been in the area with the boat so wondering If there are any facilities (water tap, place where to empty the toilet I think it’s called Elsan) I done west London so far and it was really nice…I could find free parking as well almost all the time, 2taps for like 4 areas. If anyone can please recommend any area where can I start my journey from would be very appreciated and thank you in advance.( not necessarily in the heart of Liverpool Street if is not doable… up to half hour away with the car could be ok as well) I know for some might be a stupid question and there are haters everywhere…people that think they was born with knowledge. However thank you
  2. In the marina are quite expensive 200£ for one battery. I just want to make sure I buy the good ones. Can you recommend a good brand?
  3. This blue cable is coming from the back of the fridge and going to the inverter.
  4. I bought the boat with this 12v fridge, but I don't know if is working or not as there no on/off switch. There is just a blue cable that is connected to the inverter. Maybe is not working or maybe I don't know how to turn it on
  5. The alternator is running. The alternator has been changed and the belt as well. I can't see any lose wires. Yes. I tried to call but because its Sunday no one is answering. I'll try again tomorrow.
  6. Thank you for your patience. Is it this one?
  7. Thank you very much I would but I don't know how
  8. Can someone pls recommend me an electrician that can come and fix it pls?
  9. I don't know what reluctance you mean? Sorry for that but I dint even know what where are the warning lamps...
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