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  1. The big problem with mooring on the Thames is the potential for flooding. In a bad year it could be flood for three months ... somewhere like Marsh Meadow the risk is that your boat could float onto the bank and when the water drops either be stranded or tip over and sink. The only totally safe Thames option over the winter is a mooring on a rising pontoon, with marinas (generally away from the main flow) being the safest of all.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. I suppose you could call it whatever you want. If it's also used for storage then in strictness it is not a tender and would require a separate licence. But I am only relaying CRT's guidance so don't shoot the messenger!
  5. Sorry to be a pedant, but a boat used for storage is not a tender. A tender is a boat used to transit from main boat to shore, always used within sight of the mothership.
  6. Yes, that's the one I have too.
  7. Given your current location, you will make friends with the Limehouse lockkeeper by planning to enter the lock on the top of the tide. Better for you too, as you won't be knocked around when the lock is filled (it doesn't have traditional sluices - they just crack the gates open a bit to fill it). I always call in advance to give my ETA, and give as much notice as I can. 07766 774726 (not sure if this one is still current) or 0207 308 9930 (you may need to leave an answerphone message). ETA Entering in slack water will also make the turn into the lock quite easy. The usual route in from upstream is to turn below the lock and approach it against the falling tide. You then suddenly hit slack water in the entrance and, if you're unlucky, a rather large concrete wall. I have managed not to hit it ... yet.
  8. Already done the first - we passed it in May, and the blacking looked very fresh.
  9. Sorry, forgot to answer this bit. Such mooring locations are generally established and maintained by the lengthsmen. The Wey is rarely left to become overgrown, but with the rainfall and temperatures in May and June the lengthsmen will be struggling to keep up with the growth at the moment. They are a very friendly bunch who really care about the river.
  10. I have been on the Wey for a few years now, so here is my list of potential mooring sites upstream of Cartbridge. High Bridge, RH side between Cartbridge and New Inn Outside the New Inn LH side below Triggs Lock (2 or 3 places - very rural) LH side just past Wareham's Bridge (1/3 mile above Triggs - very rural) RH side by Sutton Place, a little way before Broadoak Bridge (some A3 noise) RH side 1/3 mile above Broadoak Bridge (very rural) LH side just past the lock landing above Bowers Lock (some A3 noise) LH side after Bowers once you rejoin the natural river (A3 noise) LH side by the metal footbridge below Stoke Lock LH side between Rowbarge PH and Woodbridge (against new wooden towpath support structure) Dapdune Wharf (a perfect peaceful idyll) LH side next to Odeon cinema in Guildford (only if you want to spend the evening with the local drinkers) RH side below town bridge in Guildford by the old warehouses (can be noisy) RH side above town bridge in Guildford (can be noisy) RH side above Millmead Lock (can be noisy) LH side above Guildford Rowing Club (perfect all the way along the straight) In the weir stream below St Catherine's Lock (perfect and peaceful) RH side in the rough above Unsted Lock (quiet) LH side Godalming Wharf (handy for Sainsbury's but can be noisy) RH side above Godalming Wharf
  11. Update: email from the business which will monitor Beale moorings. Yes at present no bookings just turn up £10 per night, signs will go up soon with numbered moorings 1-19 , on arrival go to the lakeside cafe by the car park and we can give you the info. Regards Andrew Lewis H20 Water Sports Hi5@Beale Tel 01189 567556 M 07768 928995 E andrew@hi5events.com Team Building | Water Sports UK - Jersey - Europe www.hi5events.com www.hi5ski.co.uk www.watersports.co.uk
  12. I first experienced one of these new taps/valves yesterday - they are not good, and the lockies don't like them at all because of the queues and general disruption. This is what I posted to the EA Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/Environment-Agency-River-Thames-Waterways-Team-143716172886829 Today I filled up (around 400 litres) at Cleeve Lock. The old hose would have filled my tank in 6 or 7 minutes, but with the new tap it took 45 minutes. Another narrowboat arrived, requiring around 600 litres so that would have taken over an hour. This is in the quiet, early part of the season. During the schools' half-term week (commencing 29 May) and summer holidays I foresee long queues, frustration and anger. All that will lead to increased risks and potential safety incidents. No Thames water points have sufficient space for up to 10 boats to queue for 3 or 4 hours. That is the reality of the effect of these new taps. Environment Agency River Thames Waterways Team - I can't see that you have responded to any of these comments. Feedback from lockkeepers is universally negative. Low pressure, long queues, no space. I realise that you must comply with legislation, but there are better solutions than these taps. Please let us all know what you intend to do to remedy this issue.
  13. There are hire boats similar to these on the Thames, based near Wallingford. Popular when the weather is warm but very difficult to control and steer. Underpowered when there is a bit of a flow - easy to end up going downstream sideways.
  14. Teddington Lock is currently open for passage between 0900 and 1500 daily. Do you know that you need to leave Brentford Lock between 2 hours and no later than 1 hour before high water? So not only do you need to book Brentford Lock, you must book for a day when you can arrive at Teddington Lock between (to be safe) 0915 and 1430.
  15. The following is obviously indicative not determinative, but will hopefully be helpful. We are based on the Wey but use the Thames a lot, and these are the dates of our first Thames trip each year along with my recollection of conditions. 2014 - Lechlade 5-19 April. Yellows much of the way with flow around 2mph making it a bit of a slog upstream. 2015 - Windsor 30 March-2 April. Benign river, relaxed cruise. 2016 - River Lee/Stort 24 March-4 April. The return from Teddington to Shepperton was really difficult - very strong flow. 2017 - several trips from 4 March onwards. Sunbury, Teddington and Lechlade (separate trips) all completed by 7 April in great conditions. There was still a bit of flow though - my log shows engine hours for the Lechlade trip as 38.3 upstream and 26.7 downstream. 2018 - Windsor 15-17 February and Marlow 6-12 March. Both trips on yellows and really hard work, not recommended. 2019 - Reading 11-17 April. Calm and pleasant. 2020 - Let's not go there. The flow at Staines (one of my benchmark stations) is currently 165 cumecs, compared to 280-300 cumecs a week ago. So it is definitely dropping off. With the amount of rain we have had this year coupled with current flow rates, if we have no more significant rain the Thames might be safe by the middle of March. The Kennet through Reading must also be watched and assessed carefully - there is a far narrower (literally) margin of error on the Kennet.
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