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  1. Taking Wide Boat across channel to France

    British Channel? It's a "no" from me.
  2. Residential moorings.

    I agree. I have experienced locks and swingbridges that I am physically unable to move on my own.
  3. Residential moorings.

    No difference. There is no specific continuous cruiser licence.
  4. Tunnel light

    Worn on the head or fixed to the boat? The light really needs to be at the front, and needs to be consistent. But there is worse - I once met a boat navigating a tunnel using the illuminated screen from a mobile phone as a light. Not a phone torch (LED), just the screen.
  5. Cool box needed.

    So siting a coolbox in a cupboard is far from ideal. It will need ventilation.
  6. Advice about a summer stay

    Sorry, I need to clarify this. "... an annual mooring at Farncombe Boat House ..."
  7. Advice about a summer stay

    I am afraid that the River Wey (i.e. National Trust) will not be able to accommdate your planned visit. The maximum stay on a visitor licence is indeed 3 weeks. You also need to be aware that the maximum stay in any one casual mooring location is one night. So being based near Godalming for 3 months and "not moving around too much" will not be permitted. I couldn't do that either, and i have an annual licence. It isn't possible to exist on the Wey "under the radar", as (a) all boats entering and leaving Thames Lock are recorded in a register and (b) there are lengthsmen (and women) who cover the entire navigation and know their respective lengths and the boats thereon. The only way to obtain an annual licence is to have an annual mooring agreement for Pyrford Marina, Farncombe, Pelican Wharf or any of the authorised online (quite a few) or end-of-garden (very few) moorings. I suppose you could in theory hang around Godalming for 3 months, by committing to and paying for an annual mooring (if one is available) and buying an annual licence. But one final spanner in the works - such moorings are non-residential. Sorry that it's all apparently negative. It isn't really. The Wey is one of the nicest waterways in the country and well worth a visit. The NT welcomes visitors, but only on a short-term and "must keep moving" basis.
  8. Trip around London

    The only problem with asking a FB London boater to join them on moving day is that it might be quite a short day. Some of those continuous cruiser types move 1km every 14 days.
  9. London gets tough

    There are a few tents here and there alongside the towpath and in parks etc. Very little appears to be done to such people living in this way, but then they should be at no greater risk than anybody else camping. Probably very cold though. Why was the floating shed a floating shed? It brought a huge level of risk, and could have acted as a precedent for others. Why didn't they build a shed in a corner of a park? They would probably still be there now. The London boaters FB page has some posts suggesting that members with tenders turn them into shelters for the homeless. Whilst laudable, it isn't the answer to the housing problem in London.
  10. Anyone Based at Pyrford Marina on the Wey?

    I was there a couple of weeks ago, and she looked fine. A bit stern down, but that is what I would expect with an empty water tank. I always look at the boats around me when I visit. And given the position of your boat, Steve will see her every time he goes to serve diesel. I wouldn't look in an engine bay without permission though, but can do so on the basis of this thread. I will be at the marina either this afternoon or tomorrow ... please PM your email address. Mike (Shottermill)
  11. 13amp rcd have I got the right use

    I fear that the OP is one extra appliance away from a significant fire.
  12. 13amp rcd have I got the right use

    "and to use a fuse breaker I only need to use the neutral wire" On the basis of the above may I respectfully suggest that you engage a competent electrician? If you have experienced melting cables it appears that your fuse or MCB (if any) is too highly rated and your wires too thin for the load you are trying to put through them.
  13. Cello 12v TV

    We are very pleased with our Avtex. The picture is excellent, and the sound reasonable. It draws around 1A.
  14. Dutch cruiser constant cruise around london

    I agree with all that Sea Dog has said - wise words indeed. The boat on Gumtree is not a "houseboat" as claimed, it is a Broads cruiser. The forward steering position means that they can be more difficult to handle than traditional narrowboats. I would like to say that it looks "cosy", but it doesn't. It looks old, shabby and dated. Insulation is likely to be non-existent or very thin, as it is basically a holiday boat for spring to autumn. It is highly recommended to have a survey before buying a boat, and the surveyor should also be able to give an opinion on the asking price. The seller says, "make me an offer". That suggests that he or she may be in a hurry to sell. I wonder why?
  15. Long distance tow....?

    Because most marinas sell diesel but not petrol. The Thames marinas do generally sell petrol, but at an eyewatering price. Buying in bulk away from the water might be considered as an option, but the transportation and storage of what could be quite a large quantity of petrol brings obvious risks.