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  1. There are hire boats similar to these on the Thames, based near Wallingford. Popular when the weather is warm but very difficult to control and steer. Underpowered when there is a bit of a flow - easy to end up going downstream sideways.
  2. Teddington Lock is currently open for passage between 0900 and 1500 daily. Do you know that you need to leave Brentford Lock between 2 hours and no later than 1 hour before high water? So not only do you need to book Brentford Lock, you must book for a day when you can arrive at Teddington Lock between (to be safe) 0915 and 1430.
  3. The following is obviously indicative not determinative, but will hopefully be helpful. We are based on the Wey but use the Thames a lot, and these are the dates of our first Thames trip each year along with my recollection of conditions. 2014 - Lechlade 5-19 April. Yellows much of the way with flow around 2mph making it a bit of a slog upstream. 2015 - Windsor 30 March-2 April. Benign river, relaxed cruise. 2016 - River Lee/Stort 24 March-4 April. The return from Teddington to Shepperton was really difficult - very strong flow. 2017 - several trips from 4 March onwards. Sunbury, Te
  4. The largest I have known Stuart lift onto a truck was a 41 foot Sea Otter. There were no other boats on trestles though, so the truck was able to get sufficiently close to Colin.
  5. Well that's 9 years' more experience than many have before venturing out onto the Thames. It's a reasonable power to size ratio, but at the end of the day only you can make the decision whether and when to take on the trip. You need to watch the flow levels https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/ rather than the overly-simplistic red or yellow boards. It might be worth checking again with Stuart at TLC - with Surrey moving into tier 3 from Saturday he might have a last-minute cancellation. Colin would lift your boat effortlessly.
  6. Sorry, but that is the honest reality. If it doesn't rain at all for two weeks then the Thames will steadily drop off, but the catchment area of the upper Thames is huge and it handles a massive amount of water. You wouldn't be prevented from leaving Thames Lock on the Wey, but you might be shocked at how the Thames looks when it's in flood. How big is your boat and are you experienced? The biggest issue with getting to Shepperton in flood conditions is the turn into the marina - it isn't very wide, and is at 90º to the river. Not too bad in a shorter boat with enough power, but putting a l
  7. Today is fine as far as the Thames - the Wey has dropped off, with only the middle section (Triggs to Worsfold) still in flood. And that is because Triggs Lock with its multiple paddles in the lower gates is used as an overflow weir in flood conditions, as there is only a bywash there rather than a proper weir. So the Wey is back to its lovely benign self. But the Thames is red in Sunbury Reach with the reaches either side increasing and lots of red upstream. Flows (cubic metres per second) are currently 110 at Staines, 101 at Walton and 140 at Kingston. To put that into context, in a 32'
  8. Why would you send bank details if you are making a purchase? But there are only two things that can happen if someone has your bank details. They can pay money into your account or set up a direct debit (which would be covered by the d/d guarantee scheme).
  9. Keeps a daily log ... I know the type!
  10. "Boatsitting" in London is usually a code-word for non-compliant renting.
  11. It is indeed; I thought I would need a new hopper section. Thank you for the information (and to matty40s). So a better question - can anybody point me towards a person or company who can repair a blown double-glazed unit please?
  12. Can anybody identify the manufacturer of this double-glazed porthole? It isn't Channelglaze. Dimensions to edge of trim - internal 432mm external 410mm. No name or number visible. Thank you.
  13. My boat is 32' and I have shared locks on the Oxford many times. On the Wey we regularly get four boats in a lock.
  14. Obviously I cannot vouch for every trip made by Iona on the Wey, but on the many occasions I have crossed with her the crew have been very friendly and totally professional. Back at the mooring they would always stop to chat, and they really cared for the boat and the horses. I agree regarding towpaths - I would advocate sharing the space, but everybody on the water needs to be licenced and know the most basic navigation rules. In fact, just keeping to the right would do. And runners/cyclists need to accept that a towpath is not a suitable location to try and achieve a personal best.
  15. According to Facebook the fishing rights have very recently been sold to a local club ... as riparian owner, the sad but simple reality is that Beale Park can do what it pleases and allow - or disallow - anybody or anything on its land. The irony in the FB thread was one contributor boasting that he had stayed at Beale for two weeks, disingenuously claiming overgrown signage and poor eyesight to justify his outrageously arrogant overstay. This will put huge pressure on the Pangbourne moorings, as if they are not busy enough already. Many Reading boats rock up there on a Friday and stay the ent
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