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  1. Keeps a daily log ... I know the type!
  2. "Boatsitting" in London is usually a code-word for non-compliant renting.
  3. It is indeed; I thought I would need a new hopper section. Thank you for the information (and to matty40s). So a better question - can anybody point me towards a person or company who can repair a blown double-glazed unit please?
  4. Can anybody identify the manufacturer of this double-glazed porthole? It isn't Channelglaze. Dimensions to edge of trim - internal 432mm external 410mm. No name or number visible. Thank you.
  5. My boat is 32' and I have shared locks on the Oxford many times. On the Wey we regularly get four boats in a lock.
  6. Obviously I cannot vouch for every trip made by Iona on the Wey, but on the many occasions I have crossed with her the crew have been very friendly and totally professional. Back at the mooring they would always stop to chat, and they really cared for the boat and the horses. I agree regarding towpaths - I would advocate sharing the space, but everybody on the water needs to be licenced and know the most basic navigation rules. In fact, just keeping to the right would do. And runners/cyclists need to accept that a towpath is not a suitable location to try and achieve a personal best.
  7. According to Facebook the fishing rights have very recently been sold to a local club ... as riparian owner, the sad but simple reality is that Beale Park can do what it pleases and allow - or disallow - anybody or anything on its land. The irony in the FB thread was one contributor boasting that he had stayed at Beale for two weeks, disingenuously claiming overgrown signage and poor eyesight to justify his outrageously arrogant overstay. This will put huge pressure on the Pangbourne moorings, as if they are not busy enough already. Many Reading boats rock up there on a Friday and stay the entire weekend, so finding a Saturday mooring at Pangbourne in the summer is usually impossible. Regarding the upper Thames, I can well understand hirers having issues. I think the Eynsham and College Cruisers boats would be better guided downstream. Far more to see and do, and more shops and pubs. Many hirers have an expectation of leafy moorings outside pubs, whereas the upper Thames is beautifully wild and remote. And Lechlade Londis is a shopping disappointment - it would be very difficult to properly stock up there for an 8-berth hire boat as the range is understandably very limited.
  8. The Henley moorings operated by the Town Council are now £10 per night, but free between 1000 and 1500 (which I think is very fair). Literally miles of space below Henley Bridge, both sides - £10 per night. If you want electrickery maybe try Hambledon Marina? But you might be a bit too long. Otherwise your nearest hookup is at Thames & Kennet Marina. Sonning is chargeable below the lock (Uri) but free above (beyond Bluecoat).
  9. In general terms, excess smoke equals excess fuel being burned ... with a few possible underlying reasons. How many hours has the engine done? Does it have a good history with regular servicing - particularly oil and filter changes?
  10. We did Lechlade and back: arrived home last week. The only lock queueing for us was Boveney going up and Marsh coming down. It can be a bit random though. I can fully understand the shenanigans at Cleeve happening as they did. We generally managed to moor where planned. The exception was Pangbourne on a Saturday - loads of people rock up on a Friday and stay there all weekend. But Beale Park is just one lock and a mile or two upstream, and is nicer anyway.
  11. And currently covered in Canada goose poo - and I mean literally covered. As is the entire Dorchester bank to a point level with the lakes. The upstream part was a pleasant place to moor for free, but it was unmoorable last week ... unless you're into goose poo.
  12. https://kanda.boatingcommunity.org.uk And some Facebook groups as attached.
  13. Thames Lock on the Wey is definitely open because I passed through it this afternoon. A licence must be purchased at Thames Lock - cash is currently not being accepted but cards are fine. And the Wey is now open all the way to Godalming following the restoration of the collapsed weir above Millmead Lock.
  14. Thank you - I didn't think of zooming. You're right - the jail loop is still controlled by DE as is Christchurch Meadows. Interestingly the CM page definitely contains "Reading". I wonder why the search engine doesn't find it. 😳 So if nothing else, this thread will serve as a timely reminder to be careful when mooring in Reading - particularly the Tesco and Christchurch moorings which have very few if any signs.
  15. Some good news. I cruised through Reading today, and noticed only two random DE signs at Christchurch Meadows and the north bank behind Fry's Island. I have just checked DE's website https://where2moor.co.uk and Reading town centre is no longer listed as one of their mooring sites. Nor is Sonning (near George and Uri, below the lock) but Hampton Court is still listed as are a few other sites around Kingston. In fact the only listing for Reading is "Dreadnaught", which is the bit of bank downstream of the K & A entrance opposite Thames & Kennet Marina (and it's really shallow there anyway). So is Reading Borough Council once again welcoming boaters? Good news if so - it's quite pleasant for a town centre mooring.
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