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  1. It wouldn't be a data protection breach because the council would have "just cause" to obtain your details. And how would fastening a notice to a boat be trespass? The Environment Agency use self-adhesive pouches to fix a notice to a boat's window. CRT has in the past cable-tied notices to mooring ropes. Errant owners have to be given legal notice in some logical way.
  2. That's good, but can you stop your boat within a safe distance, cruise against a moderate current and control it in a strong crossword?
  3. This is, I believe, a photograph of the subject land. Thanks, Wiki.
  4. Ah, so it's just about the sluice on the edge of Rye Harbour. I'm not being pedantic for the sake of it, but the location is better described as Rye. It is around 15 miles from Dungeness.
  5. The Brede rises south of Netherfield and flows into the Rother at Rye. Both are quite a way from Dungeness. So I don't really understand this.
  6. You will have capacity on your wide boat for a JCB and a rather large bucket of water. You will need both when you reach Hertford on the Lee.
  7. In London, wind is often cited as a reason not to move on the FB group. Granted, windshear off random buildings is more of an issue in a city. But a major issue is probably the fact that many London boats are smallish GRP craft with huge DIY sheds on the back, often powered by a small/cheap outboard which is actually underpowered.
  8. Estate Agent blurb always sounds good. The stunning views are available only in an arc of about 20 degrees from one end of the boat if shorter than its neighbours. And the views from the sides of residential boats are typically of other boat windows ... two feet away. Did the Estate Agent mention that the Thames goes into flood regularly (sometimes seriously) over the winter? Of course not, it's all rosy.
  9. "Clearly planning on ‘surprising ‘ any local horses or cyclists in the little lanes" That's quite an assumption.
  10. You mention winter mooring ... are you aware that the National Trust require sight of an annual mooring agreement before an annual navigation licence can be issued? A visitor licence won't be appropriate for you.
  11. TLC is The Locker Company, the name of the business at Parvis Wharf (Byfleet). The Wey & Arun canal and its restoration is entirely separate from the River Wey in terms of navigation and management.
  12. The Pyrford slipway is quite shallow, but the Cartbridge slipway is newly built and a good depth. TLC do have space to crane in a boat from a lorry, ask them for max length/weight. Are you aware that Farncombe is on a river section and can be in flood and inaccessible for several weeks at a time?
  13. I single-hand on the Thames regularly. Ascending is not a problem with two ropes. Stern rope on as I come to a stop, and then up onto the side with a long bow rope. Only Boulters and Sandford are too deep to climb straight up, so I use the steps. Descending, I always ask if I can use only a centre rope, and I have never been refused. I am ready to explain how it is safer for a single-hander, but have never needed to do so apart from during friendly chat.
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