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#1 Please refer to images 1 & 2. Bolt is missing and screwdriver can be inserted in. Is this an issue that needs addressing.

#2 Please refer to image 3. Does anyone have a couple of spare decomp levers. Both broken??

#3 Please refer to Inkedimage and second image 3. The marker (circled for illustration) is meant to be right next to the edge of the pump when the start/stop is in normal (upright) position (image       3) but in fact disappears about a mm in (hidden behind pump). Is that an issue?

#4 Please refer to other image 1. Just general info is this grill arrangement usual between engine and gearbox never seen it on other SR2 illustrations.


That's it! Thanks for your attention.

image1 - Copy (2).jpeg

image2 - Copy (2).jpeg

image3 - Copy.jpeg



image1 - Copy.jpeg

Sorry the post has lost the image references. From top to bottom.....

#1 pics 1&2

#2 pic 3

#3 pics 4&5

#4 pic 6



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1 hour ago, r-harris said:

It’s ok it’s empty. 


Thought so about the grill how else would cooling air get in. You don’t know if the housing can be shifted to clean it all out?


I can answer 3. It means that the cylinder will be getting a different amount of fuel to one with the grove in the correct place, You I think its adjustable but if the pump was timed in that position it might be a good idea to re-time all the pumps but for that you may need shims and will need a  swan neck modified from an injector pipe plus clean working conditions. If you have the power you need and not much smoke I doubt running as is will do much harm.

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Thanks Tony. To show the mark I rotated the stop bracket a little. Both marks are in identical positions however they are positioned in running mode about 1mm behind the pumps housings where as the manual says they should line up with the edge. I was wondering if this 1mm is significant. 

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I would not set it up like that but if the marks are in the same position each cylinder will receive a similar amount of fuel. It may stop you getting maximum revs or it may not stop but I can't see any difference 1mm will make will be significant. Certainly f it runs OK I would not bother to alter it on my boat unless the adjustment was obvious and easy.


The reason for the max revs OR not stop is because i ca't remember which way the rack goes for either.

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Broken decompressor levers are quite common. Happens when people stepping down from deck level stand on top of the engine. Replacements available on Ebay, but if you have electric start, broken ones aren't really a problem. You can usually rotate the broken stub with your fingers if the relevant exhaust valve is open, otherwise use a mole wrench.

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In image no 3 that would be correct. With the lever in the stop position the marks will dissappear. This is where the g setting as given in the manual comes in. You would put the correct size feeler gauge under the stop lever, then the mark should be just visible.

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In image no 1 the hole should just be blanked off. I think this may have been done with a small core plug rather than a bolt. Check to see if there is a thread in the hole. If there is you can use a bolt but ensure it is as short as possible so as  ot to foul anything internally.

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The hole just goes through to the inside of the fuel pump housing and timing cover. Inside behind this hole will just be the speeder spring, governor linkage and camshaft gear. As I said just blank it off to stop any oil seepage. The hole is not needed.

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