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MAIB Bulletin on CO deaths on MV Diversion in York


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3 hours ago, Tony Brooks said:

Notice they are focusing on professional rather than competent people.

Yes this does totally miss the point. A professional is just someone who you pay to do the work. They may or may not have the slightest idea what they are doing, and in any case by virtue of the fact that they are getting paid for the work, they will to some extent have a conflict of interest ie time required to do a proper job, vs time is money and need to move on to the next job.

I suppose there is a fundamental problem in that there is no measure of competence for professional installation of diesel heaters, unlike for gas. As MtB often said, whilst amateurs often consider the issues of gas leaks to be the primary concern when installing gas fired equipment, in fact CO is as great or a greater issue. With diesel heaters, the balance is tipped even further towards CO issues.

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