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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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On this day in 2003






Slattocks Top Lock  Rochdale Canal  Compare   22Sep2003  8Aug2007  20Jul2009   30May2019


On 22/09/2020 at 20:25, PeterScott said:

spacer.pngOn this day in 2003

Slattocks Top Lock Rochdale Canal


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1 hour ago, David Mack said:

I am just getting No Entry signs, although I see Peter Scott managed to quote your post OK.

Yes, but I cheated 🙂


It's an entertaining tale, but only if you are intrigued by the interaction between the nice MrGoogle's pictures, and CWDF. Some aspects explained here, but it's more complicated than that. Yesterday @buccaneer66 uploaded a couple of 2017 pictures from (his) GooglePhotos and posted the links to 'Tonic' (rather than load the pictures into CWDF's photo-database). I'm guessing that's without them being in a Googlephotos album which had been made "shared". Now, the URLs that Google generated are not only the "long" 40-character-URL as in the article above, but this absurdly-impossibly-long 700+ character link:



I think it might be intended to confound browser caches, and it seems to be time-limited in some way, so that the receiving-user has to ask Google to send the photo again (no local cached-version), and Google can then refuse (No-Entry sign) because the request is out-of-time. When I received the No-Entry sign, and not to be beaten by it, I found a computer which hadn't been refreshed since yesterday evening, and screen-captured the pictures, which I loaded to a GooglePhotos account of my own, and then amended my quoted-version of the original post with these shared-album pictures, to which I added a favourite steam-launch picture, also from the Great Ouse, at St Ives for the 2007 IWA National. It's possible that OP could make his GooglePhotos album shared, and the original posting might have them appear again. Or it might not 🙂


And one of the wonders of GooglePhotos is that it can take all the pictures I have ever loaded, maybe three hundred thousand or so, and take any word to select a new album with just the selection. For this exercise I tried "steam", and this is one of the results:




... Time for a cup of tea, I expect.

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