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  1. No one going to club together and buy it then 😬
  2. Now we're getting silly, if your not careful I'll bring out the comfy chair.
  3. It's a Triumph because that's what Steve McQueen wanted.
  4. No I'll just up my dose of cocodomol
  5. I'm watching in the background It's a lot of fun but we had to dismount the barrels from our field guns and make naval gun trails for them so that we could haul in and out with the ropes.
  6. Now let me go find my powder and musket, I know where the sword is. For those of you joking about pirates I really have fired a black powder cannon from a sailing ship, & repelled boarders it was quite a lark for the Whitehaven festival a few years back but very loud when the Grand Turk fired a broadside at us.
  7. Thanks for the welcome folks. As the Blackburn buccaneer was built to carry nuclear weapons I can come in a blast any naughty posters into oblivion. 😁
  8. All of East Anglia now updated unless anyone spots any mistakes that I need to fix, now for the BCN.
  9. This one is the canal basin, also in the Tullie house museum.
  10. I like this one, Early Morning; Carlisle from the canal.
  11. What ever the perspective it's a nice picture.
  12. After I finish waterways in the east, there won't be any updates to the map for sometime unless anyones spots errors that need fixing, as we have had comments about it I'm going to do the BCN which as everyone can imagine is going to take me a while. Reg do the middle levels look right to you now?
  13. Reminds me to restock as my kwak glass is empty.
  14. Middel Level updates are now live and I've also done the Rivers Yare, Chet & Wensum. Any mistakes/omissions please let me know.
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