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  1. A good reason why I don't use any of them, voice activation is disabled on all devices I can't see the point it never works properly and why on earth is alexa on my nextbase dashcam all it needs to do is film continuously
  2. Ah a song from the WRG navvies song book.
  3. It's a shame BW allowed the low level road crossing that cut of the ridgeacre branch.
  4. Now if you really want silly I'll start on the goon and Laurel & Hardy, but as a starter for ten, Weird Al will do. Sorry just had to post the well known typing error Mr Spike Millignar
  5. Sky did a lot of good stuff but then they should be when one of the members was John williams.
  6. As well as these Britain from Above photos, Historic England have a vast archive of old aerial photos, just give then an OS grid ref and how far out you want search and they go find photos for you, I found it best to make an appointment and visit the archive to view what they find in person. They are stored in Swindon at whats left of the GW loco works, not far from were the North Wilts canal used to be.
  7. It's difficult to stay of there once you start, I used to contribute.
  8. It's the only Stones record that I actually like, if we going to have stones records lets also have.
  9. EPW017885 ENGLAND (1927). The Wyrley and Essington Canal, Mander Brothers Works and environs, Heath Town, 1927 The Midland railway interchange is visible.
  10. I found this photos on Britain From Above nice view of the GW railway aquaduct on the Balls hill branch, the terminal basin would just of picture to the left. You can find lots of these on BFA and several more showing the balls hill branch. Ryders Green Junction 1934
  11. These pictures show the Wednesbury Old Canal Balls hill Branch and the Great Western Interchange basin at Swan village, you can find lots of nice photos on Britain from above.
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