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  1. Entrance to the Forth & Cart canal from the Forth & Clyde. Entrance to the Forth & Cart canal from the River Clyde.
  2. Link between the Staffs & Worcs and the River Sow, apparently it's planned for restoration to take boats into Stafford again.
  3. Monkland canal junction with the Forth & Clyde. Shame this canal died
  4. Thanks Patrick that adds 2 more canals to my map that I didn't know about.
  5. Junction of the GU Leicester section and the Melton Mowbray Navigation. Trent Lock at the junction of the Grantham canal with the River Trent
  6. Add a placemark, placemarks can have web links and photos added to them.
  7. The Locks on the Wey & Arun where certainly done with lime mortar we concretions of it in the bottom of the locks and it took me a while to chisel it off an original paddle rack we found.
  8. Aussie version https://www.boatnames.com.au/boat-naming-ceremony/
  9. For interest I thought I'd start a thread of places that are pretty much lost unless you know what you are looking for So would otherwise just cruise right past. E.G. Arbury Communication canal junction with the Coventry canal Coombe Hill canal junction with River Severn Who's next?
  10. Exactly, there are too many political posts appearing that have no funny content which is what this thread is about.
  11. WRG Navvies Song Book I have the old one at home somewhere.
  12. This may have to be moved to politics soon.
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