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  1. The Welsh Tithe maps are very useful I've traced other lost waterways using them.
  2. This field named canal bank is a bit of a give away.
  3. It reached automatic moderation threshold and is canned.
  4. Shouldn't shout about such secret marks or there'll be a Dan Brown novel coming out.
  5. Just wait for them to run aground at that speed they'll have fun getting it off the mud.
  6. I should have thought of that when I walked the Welford arm last week
  7. https://www.220triathlon.com/training/swim-training/can-cola-prevent-stomach-upsets-after-swimming-in-open-water/
  8. I have two and I don't even own a boat, one cast alloy and the other is a forged Wey & Arun Junction canal company found in Malham lock.
  9. Nice image, I didn't realise colour photography was that old, the autochrome process makes interesting reading https://blog.scienceandmediamuseum.org.uk/autochromes-the-dawn-of-colour-photography/
  10. I have loads more to do this will be an ongoing project for years particulaly as @Heartland keeps mentioning in other posts obscure canals that I've never heard off. Have you got a map showing these two as I can't find them on any map, I can see the rough locations.
  11. You could look for an appropriate size of Anderson connector. https://www.andersonpower.com/us/en.html
  12. I used to use my Nans to spray the aphids on her roses with just soapy water. The Repair shop restored one of these a while back, you can get parts as they found a replacement for the missing valve.
  13. Just sent a map update that incudes the Calder & Hebble, Aire & Calder, and the Peak Forest canal, this includes the Peak Forest Tramway, now working on the Leeds & Liverpool.
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