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  1. I'll have to make sure that I get this all correct in my canal map.
  2. Steeleye Span 'Bede's Death Song' The Goons 'You Gotta Go Oww!' The Goons 'Eeh! Ah! Oh! Ooh!'
  3. There used to b e a basin, a wharf & graving dock, and the short iron ore and sebastopol arms.
  4. I remember at RIAT the Fairford airshow years ago the B1 stealth bomber made a surprise visit and landed, it taxied into the public area and the wing passed over my head, but the commentator said don't dare touch it or the crowd of security will be all over you as the coating is top secret.
  5. Does this help http://the-norfolk-broads.co.uk/fileattachments/M/text_MX40Instructions.pdf
  6. Used by Parker to pick a lock in the Thunderbird's movie
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Should only be used as a deodorant for Engineers, those on steam engines in particular.
  9. Try WD40 according to this website it has many uses you would never normally think of. http://www.novelodge.com/worldwide/wd40/34
  10. Thanks Alan It's a place I've not got to yet.
  11. I found an old interteresting thread that discussed narrow lock configurations, https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/53871-lock-gate-configuration-on-narrow-canals/ it does say that Elesmere Port has double gates top and bottom, having never been through there i wouldn't know.
  12. Maybe they originally had 2 gates. Copied from http://narrowboatinfo.co.uk/canal-history-the-aylesbury-arm/ Despite being a narrow canal, the upper gates are single whilst the lower gates are still mitred, a bit frustrating when trying to negotiate the locks on your own, as you have to cross to both sides of the lock
  13. I did mention this one way back in the thread
  14. You missed Coal Island canal/Dukarts canal.
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