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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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From April 2016. The gates of lock 2 of the Tinsley flight were replaced. There are boats moored both top and bottom side of this lock, so some musical boats was needed to keep everyone afloat.


Why are all the boats gone from the upper pound?



This is why! All the things people have accidentally dropped in the cut are revealed.



The crane for lifting old gates out and new ones in.



While this was going on, all the boats were huddled in the lower pound. When the bottom pound was drained to replace the bottom set of gates, everyone crammed in to the upper pound.


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On this day in 2002






Glascote. Basin. And Top Lock with a brief British Waterways enthusiasm for sorting out sideponds,  having its idepond paddle resealed  It still didn't seal properly and lots of boatcrews didn't use it properly, so BW wired up the paddlegear once more and so it is today.

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I remember it well from our days of mooring at the then-new Springwood Haven Marina.

We've been past much more recently and found that some bits of the canal had changed so much that we hardly recognised them. I think "Mount Jud" is still there though.

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