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Sabb GG engine water pump


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My Sabb GG engine is s overheating after running for 5 minutes. I've taken the water pump apart and cleaned it and the water line is clear but seems low pressure. Doesn't seem to be providing enough pressure to go into engine. No water is pumping out of exhaust which It should do. Any suggestions? 


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7 minutes ago, PaulJ said:

Is this the standard diaphragm pump?

If its not a split diaphragm have you checked the one way valves are working OK?

Pic of my 2j pump bits -think yours is same?


Same as yours.  I'm not sure. I just opened up every bolt and cleaned and sucked everything through. 



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3 hours ago, PaulJ said:

Does sound like  possibly one of those little valves not closing but guessing it could be loads of possibilities starting at your water inlet screen.

Have you got the maintenance sheet from Sleeman and Hawken? Some useful tips on there- http://www.sleeman-hawken.co.uk/files/service-and-maintanence-tips.pdf

Perfect thanks. I've used this manual before but not great. 

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On 14/01/2020 at 17:01, David Mack said:

I assume this is raw water cooled. Have you checked there are no blockages in the pipework, engine, inlet filter etc?

Raw cooled. Not yet checked everything. I've got a spare sabb engine with a water pump in the back garden if all else fails! Would a 12 volt low pressure pump on water line work if it doesn't work?

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36 minutes ago, PaulJ said:

Glad to see your sorted B2019- like you say they are simple enough (if you have that vice handy)-though does amuse me how that valve block is held on with that bit of steel -thought mine had been bodged when I first saw it ?

Bing, bang, bosh engineering that any idiot can repair but still chugging after nearly 60 years of punishment. Like to see if it outlives most new engines. 

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