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  1. Hi all Looks needing to use power tools on the 2kw pure sine inverter. When running these large loads with high inductances how wise is it to push the inverter? Or should leave a good over head like push no more than 1.5kw? Thanks again James
  2. Mastervolt 2000w combi charger/inverter Mains input is not going anywhere, will not charge the batteries. Mains up to the connections underneath OK. Inverter works fine apart from showing led fault code for overheating even from stone cold switch on. Its not any connections, resetable thermal fuse, or duff batteries. No signs of a burn up. Any ideas please?
  3. I'm in the process of taking over maintenance of a lovely narrow boat that my dad's getting too old for unfortunately. I'm very much a newbie and the kindness of local boat people has got me pretty far. However, while I've managed to install a new leisure battery and so have power, I need to do some maintenance that means plugging in a drill, but none of the 240v sockets work. I've tried flipping the switch on this control, but it had no effect. With each setting I continue to get power from the battery, but never via the sockets. Am I warm, or barking up completely the wrong tree?
  4. Hi. I want to build a strictly leisure battery bank with two 70Ah batteries and 2500watt inverter that will be used only for things like kettle, low power microwave, digital gadgets like phones and laptops, maybe cool box from time to time. I do not want to connect my new leisure bank to the boat's engines and intend to charge it by petrol generator only. I have an area near helm where I can place batteries and inverter - like a wooden box/cupboard. My question is... do I have to ground the batteries and the inverter? Thanks, t.
  5. My son inherited this inverter when he bought his wide beam. It seems to work but there is no maker's name on it. Looking on the web these 2000W inverters can cost anything from £100 to nearly £800 so it would be good to know at which end of the spectrum this one fits. If anyone can recognise it and can give me a maker's name or a link to where one can be found I'd be very grateful. (The small LCD appears to show the power being drawn in Watts and if I try to draw too much current the thing beeps at me)
  6. Our old PowerMaster 1500w Inverter/Charger just blew up (quite dramatically, issuing smoke and flame at 4am). I'm looking to replace it ... probably with a Victron multiplus 2000w 12v Inverter/Charger. (Victron 2000w) Knowing little about electronics and electrics, I'm wondering, Is it a fairly simple matter of unhooking the old PowerMaster (Battery + / Battery - / AC In / AC out / ground wires) and wiring in a new Victron inverter/charger. Or is the Victron much more complicated than that? Also, with the old PowerMaster I was able to configure things like battery bank size, battery type, charging routine, etc. by reading the manual and pushing buttons on the front. Is it the same with the Victron or is it more complicated and really requires a technician? I don't want to bugger up a new, expensive piece of electronics. Anybody have experience hooking up Victrons?
  7. Hi, I have a charging issue it seems. I have just bought 4 new leisures at £600.00 and had them proffesionally fitted. But they are down to 11.5 v . The weird thing is the engine battery is getting fully charged. I have not used the inverter as that's how I killed the last lot. Only had the new ones on 3 days and I have been very careful. My system is 24v so they are linked - to + in the bank. The alternator is quite new and it's pushing out 17v. Not sure if that's right. The control panel says my batts are at 100% but that's obviously incorrect. And on another setting my amp hours said 280 but every second it dropped 2 hours until eventually saying zero hours left. I have a split charge relay and it reads the same as the alternator in motion. I'm just getting fed up now trying to sort this out as it's ruining my time on the boat. There's more info I want to add but I can't remember atm. So guys what dya think? Alternator, fuse, spilt relay or control panel.? Oh yeah when the last lot of batteries died my voltmeter shot up into the red zone as I reved the engine. Thank's.
  8. Hello, I need some advice please - I'm slowly getting my head around things but struggling with electrics, so please excuse the very basic questions! Spent ages searching for the info, but none the wiser... I don't have an inverter on my boat, I'm currently on shore power. I'm going to leave the marina and start cc'ing. What would be the best option for being able to charge a phone sometimes & maybe plug in a radio & a lamp? I don't have any other appliances to run. There are a couple of 12v plug sockets & the rest are 240v. Can you get something to plug into the 12v socket to allow you to plug in a 240v appliance? Would one of those USB car charger things be best for the phone charging? Do they convert 12v to 240v? Basically, I don't think I need a big inverter installing, I don't need to use most of the sockets, or use much power. But I don't know a simple solution to this. Sorry if these are silly questions, I appreciate any advice
  9. This is, I hope, an academic and hopefully generic question to ease my concerns. We're on shore line most of the time but, when cruising, the cable is a bit short to stretch so we use an inverter, primarily for telly, etc. We have a recurring debate as to whether the inverter should be switched off when we are not using 240v. Having read debate elsewhere about unplugging your home mobile phone/tablet charger when it is not actively charging ('cos the primary winding is still powered up and, if faulty, could overheat) I feel the inverter should be turned off. But it is not working, ...or is it?? Discuss.....,
  10. Hello Any advice or tips on the following energy problem would be much appreciated! We recently bought a dutch barge that we've just cruised down to it's new mooring. On the way down the the inverter only worked occasionally, most of the time the 'low battery' light was on. It has a 'Victron Energy phoenix multi plus' inverter with a 'Victron multi control' panel. I assumed the batteries were spent, but we'd be fine once hooked up to shoreline (32 Amp) And we were...for a few days. All was well but we no longer have any power - the inverter is once again just showing 'low battery' So....does shoreline bypass the batteries making it irrelevant if they are in good condition or not? (making it a problem with the inverter?) And should we still have the inverter on when using shoreline? (The switch options are 'on' 'off' and 'charger only') Thanks for your help, sorry if it's obvious!
  11. A friend of mine has just rung me to say that he has just fitted a new 350W Sterling Quasi sinewave inverter. Measuring the output voltage with a meter it was only reading 180 volts. Now this is something I have never tried but we are wondering if its faulty or is it the crap waveform confusing the meter?
  12. Before embarking on installation of my AC system, if anyone could share any information on the following I would appreciate it. According to the RCD (recreational craft directive) is the following AC system acceptable? (I shall start form shoreline connection to AC outlets) Shore line connection plug fed into an RCD (residual current device) within 0.5 meters form the plug, the RCD shall be housed in a waterproof box next to the plug (a garage box). This RCD shall feed into two single pole MCBs, one connected to the diesel immersion heater, and the other connected to the inverter. Out of the inverter I propose to feed another RCD, housed within the electrical cupboard which shall feed two other single pole MCBs, a 10A MCB for a ring circuit of ac sockets (12 sockets, which I know is a large amount for one ring, but with 2.5mm cable and a smaller MCB this will reduce loading the sockets with the full whack of the 3KW inverter), and the other 12A MCB for a washing machine. My main question is... Does the galvanic isolator need to be connected at both RCDS or would connecting it to the first RCD ground the inverter through the galvanic isolator? Or do both RCDs and Inverter require grounding through the galvanic isolator. I will also be connecting the inverter to the batteries but that shall be for another day. Thanks, Will
  13. Hi all I have a power master 3000 inverter and it keeps cutting out with hardly any load it also does it with engine running . Any ideas ?I know nothing about inverters and it came with the boat Many thanks in advance
  14. Our Trace charger/inverter was installed some 12 years ago. It is giving problems. We can find nobody to advise on its checking/repairing/replacement. Can anybody help? Boat based in Banbury area.
  15. Hi all, We have a Multi Plus 12v 3000va 120amp inverter which has stopped working (unit is 4 years old) When I unplug / turn off the shore power to our boat, the inverter fails kick in to supply 240v power (It is on) I have checked the 12v terminals going in to the inverter which are fine (12.8v), but it seems the inverter wont switch and turn on (no LEDs on the inverter side on panel either). Perhaps there is an internal fuse that needs replacing? - I've had the cover off, and cant see anything, Its worked fine until now, (and works fine on shore power) I did trip the power recently due to a faulty set of fairy lights, perhaps that's fried something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi all. I should begin by saying that I'm not the most talented when it comes to matters of electrickery, so please be gentle with me if I've overlooked something glaringly obvious! I'm hoping to be able to pick someone's brains about a problem with my inverter/charger. It's a Studer Compact C-1312, and I'm also connected to shore power. The other evening, the inverter suddenly went off - completely dead, no lights on the display panel, and won't come back on. I'm also not getting any 240v in the boat through the shore line, and neither are the batteries charging (apart from when I run the engine). The 12v still works fine (water pump, lights, fridge, freezer, 12v sockets etc), and I've checked that the shore power hasn't tripped. The shore lead is also fine, and there are no obvious loose wires anywhere that I can see. I've also got a Travel Pack, and I get 240 when I run that, but nothing otherwise. I've got a manual for the Studer, but the English isn't the best (especially for a numpty like me!). I'm hoping it's something simple (and cheap!) like a fuse blowing, but I can't see any fuse holder on the outside of the casing. I haven't yet removed the cover, but does anyone know if this inverter has a fuse inside? Or any other possible causes/solutions? Many thanks in advance
  17. Hello We are getting a wide beam canal boat built and are planning on constantly cruising and would really appreciate some advise on a few things! I was hoping to have a full length bath onboard, and 4-6 radiators but I have now been told that unless you have a diesel run boiler radiators are pretty useless, and you’d have to have a huge boiler to be able to heat enough water for a full length bath. Anyone have any experience with either of these? Is it possible at all? Are diesel boilers very expensive to buy and run? Would I have to have a huge boiler? Also I want to be able to use kitchen appliances fairly regularly (nutribullet - 600w magimix - 1100w) and wanted to have low watt floor lamps and maybe some fairy lights (not to run all the time, but when i want to make it super cosy) - I've been told this wouldn't be possible but I've seen lots of boats with these things in them! Do you have to have a very high watt inverter (and is this very expensive?) Or would I have to get a generator? Or are these things only possible to have if you have a mooring and are connected to the grid? I have been quoted £4800 to have the boat painted which seems slightly ridiculous to me! Does anyone know how much it would cost to employ someone to come and paint an overcoat and then do some stencilling? Does the price we’ve been quoted sound right? Really appreciate any advise or guidance! Thanks :-)
  18. Yet another query, sorry folks. after almost buying a rubbish inverter, we took all the lovely advice off you guys and got a victron inverter/charger. For a few days whilst cruising we managed to get some use out of it, but feel like the leisure batteries may have seen the end of their days. Our issue now is though that whilst connected to mains electricity we still have no use in our inverter/charger. Like, nil puit! Have we bought something dodgy? Are we still that novice that we haven’t sussed it out? Can anyone (in simple language) spell it out to us? cheers in advance!
  19. I wanted to start looking at the settings on my Victron 3000 phoenix multiplus. (get that equalisation charge a bit higher!) I didn't think it had VE capability because it doesn't specifically mention it on the case, but after investigating, I now believe that it does. Which is handy, as trying to set anything with the dil switch on the pcb is a cryptic process indeed. So, I have 2xethernet sockets on my pcb. It appears that one has to connect a cable from that, to a special black adapter called an MK2b, then on to the pc serial com(?). Or looking on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Victron-VE-Direct-to-USB-Interface/272760914869?epid=6005290134&hash=item3f81d143b5:g:wQQAAOSwLdBaBBYH there seems to be a different thing that goes direct to usb but the other end doesn't look like an ethernet connection. TOTALLY confused, so if someone could kindly put me straight I'd be grateful. My first thought is that an ethernet to ethernet cable would make sens - but I remember when connecting pc's that way you need to get one with crossed over wires (I do have one somewhere). The serial number on the chip on the pcb is 1809149.HEX which doesn't quite correspond to anything on the Victron document I found online https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Manual-A-Guide-to-VEConfigure-EN.pdf Of course, the next hurdle is that I normally use Ubuntu
  20. Hello there, what would you say is the best over all investor/charger I should get for my boat? From genty
  21. A few weeks ago our inverter started whistling like a boiling kettle. It wasn't switched on (as we are on landline) but was connected the 12v system as per normal. I disconnected the inverter and discovered it was wet - upon further investigation it turned out that a moisture absorber in the cupboard above the one the inverter lives in had overflowed. There were still crystals in the top section but the water container was completely full so it seems it can absorb more than it can hold. It is similar to the one pictured below.... I have opened up the inverter and had a look and can see 2 resistors that have corroded and a transistor that has gone pop. I have cleaned out all the slimy water (contaminated with calcium chloride) which had managed to get inside and think I could make an attempt at replacing the resistors without too much trouble (they are pennies on eBay) however I'm unsure where to get a similar transistor as Google doesn't help with any of the numbers stamped on it (well it's neighbour). Can anyone please help identify a suitable replacement transistor? Many thanks David
  22. I have been successfully using my Victron 3000 multiplus inverter for nearly a year now, but have a couple of questions. I'm unclear about the earthing arrangement - the manual seems to say that it has a relay that takes care of things (my words) but I notice from the previous owner there is a snipped off earth wire and I'm wondering if I should be attaching it somewhere. I have mains hook up, incoming to the unit (only been used once) then the output 230v goes to a consumer unit and onto the ring. My recent concern comes as as I consider connecting a generator via the ac hook up. (And wondering about its earthing). Also - I can't find it in the manual but is there a special means for connecting an immersion heater in such a way that it is only supplied with ac if the hook up is active (ie so as not to kill the batteries in five minutes flat!). I intend to use the genny to heat water via 230v as well as charge batteries, to further save engine run time - I don't know how effective it will be with a 1kw element in an 85litre cylinder though. thank you
  23. Hi All Another newbie here. I have an old boat which is stationary at the moment, and hooked up to a landline. One)brand new leisure battery on constant charge via a 12v battery charger (as recommended by neighbouring boaters). Been fine for months then suddenly - battery dies. Battery charger red light on (for power) but not charging, Went and bought another 115ah battery, checked battery charger, all fine - lights came back on, water pump works again., hurray! Few weeks go by, lights die, water pump not working. Battery dead. Charger still plugged into mains socket and attached to battery but not charging. My multimeter registered 00 charge!!! Got out a very old small battery charger 6V and put battery on charge - bingo,it's now charging (I found out from internet about smart chargers not 'recognising' very low/no volts in batteries). Now what do I do? I have even found out what 'parasitic drain' means and checked that nothing is switched on, but am lost for ideas. Is it something to do with the inverter? (I flipped a switch upwards on it yesterday and the TV went off so I have now put it back down). I can wire a plug and change a fuse, but other than that, the sum total of my electrical knowledge is written above. (I have impressed myself with having got this far!). Any advice/suggestions very much appreciated, as I am determined to crack this. OliveOyl
  24. Does anyone have any experience with IBS inverters? At £1,764 inc VAT for a 1600W PSW it seems good value and it can handle starting loads up to 4.5kW. I particularly like the fact that it can power a Nespresso! http://www.tbruk.com/us16012v--us16024v-inverter-4753-p.asp It's made in Switzerland.
  25. I tried to shut my inverter off, however even if I shut off the power switch at the front it stays on, Any ideas as to how to fix that?
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