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  1. I don't have a fridge, tv, hairdrier, electric toothbrush, hoover, any of that stuff. I have a tablet for watching films which I charge at work while I'm downloading stuff with wifi. Ditto my little speakers. I'll have solar before I leave the marina too, and of course I understand about charging the batteries and keeping them in good condition
  2. Yes, I think so - I'll also have solar by then, and a better way of monitoring my batteries & output. At the moment I just have a mains battery charger & a multimeter, but my batteries are in good nick & I have been looking after them.
  3. Thanks so much for your replies, they're all really helpful. I also feel somewhat reassured that what I had in mind wasn't far off - I think it's all making sense to me
  4. Hello, I need some advice please - I'm slowly getting my head around things but struggling with electrics, so please excuse the very basic questions! Spent ages searching for the info, but none the wiser... I don't have an inverter on my boat, I'm currently on shore power. I'm going to leave the marina and start cc'ing. What would be the best option for being able to charge a phone sometimes & maybe plug in a radio & a lamp? I don't have any other appliances to run. There are a couple of 12v plug sockets & the rest are 240v. Can you get something to plug into the 12v socket to allow you to plug in a 240v appliance? Would one of those USB car charger things be best for the phone charging? Do they convert 12v to 240v? Basically, I don't think I need a big inverter installing, I don't need to use most of the sockets, or use much power. But I don't know a simple solution to this. Sorry if these are silly questions, I appreciate any advice
  5. Hello, apologies if this question has already been asked, I've had a good trawl through the pages already though.. Basically, I need to know, what is the proper use of the leisure battery isolator switch? I'm on shore power currently. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone - I will upload photos as soon as I can :)
  7. Hello, I have just bought a narrow boat with a woodburner which needs repairing - the chimney is loose; it's attached to the collar, but the collar is not attached to the stove top. The whole thing can be lifted clear. I don't have any photos I'm afraid. I thought it was just a case of rejoining it with fire cement, but now I think it's a bigger job than I originally thought! I've tried googling to find out how to fix this, but with no joy. Any advice much appreciated :)
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