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  1. Yes I think that's a wise move I just spoke to someone recently on the cut who leaves his on when he's away for a week and wondered how common that is . I don't think I'd sleep at night Hey I want my boat at the bottom of my garden !!
  2. But bearing in mind I don't live on my boat and only return to it every third day , Does anyone go home and leave stove on while away ??
  3. Yes I'm sure it will work fine on boat maybe just a different setting. It seems best to just set them and leave them then . Would you or anyone else go away and leave them on overnight ?
  4. UPDATE Firstly thanks to all for your inputs For any future people needing help here are my findings. MY ISSUES How do I light Why is flame yellow My findings via this thread CLEANING Clean and decoke every thing paying special attention to burner holes LIGHTING Set regulator to number two Bleed a small amount of fuel through add either a capful of meths or a small cube of fire lighter and ignite. Hold in plunger for a further minute I found that the higher you have it set the more yellow the flame and when adjusting don't go
  5. Thanks all for your help guys I think I'm armed with enough info for now . Tonight it sounds like I will be getting black
  6. Hi all anyone advise on not having a yellow flame on my old dutch stove please
  7. Thanks Tony and Harmony . I want to leave light set up as it is . I believe there is a blank on side of therm housing to allow a gauge sender ??
  8. Hi has anyone ever replaced a temperature light with a guage on a barrus shanks engine please
  9. Tony hi I haven't yet found a shire with the same housing. My problem is that after much research I'm realising mine isn't plumbed correctly What I really need to know is what taps / outlets run to where ? My two red taps currently feed and return from calorifier and im sure the return should go back to pump side Many thanks
  10. Hi all Does anybody out there have a barrus shanks engine with a calorifier installed via twin stats thanks in advance
  11. Like I said try and find the B2 options and turn off B2-06 setting (waveform check) which is on by default, as a start. Thanks everyone for your time Its best to ask before blowing anything i value your inputs ill get B2 06 terminated
  12. yes it charges batteries . It also controls my solar panels , and Ship to shore AC I know it used to accept waveform with a honda ex650 because that was used by previous owner So do i need a Sine wave genny ? or can i alter the settings like thumper said?
  13. yes thank you for that Thumper I have the manual and read exactly that however is it me or is the manual not very user friendly
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