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  1. Hi Betty. Did this chap tell you were Berkhamsted starts and finishes in his world ?
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. yes please BB, thats kind of you
  4. wonder how long he'll tajke to get from Bugbrooke to Kings Langley ? I dont think there are any other coal / gas boatrs coming through here now
  5. Does anyone know if these boats had come up from further south on the GU, maybe around Pitstone around July / August time ?
  6. Lesd


    Agree with Alan, the Riser is the best pub along there, especially if you like Cider. Loads of places to eat in town, bring plenty of ££ with you though as most are quite expensive. I'd avoid the the Old Mill if I were you, really expensive and not great (£20-25 for a steak that wasn't anything special at all). If you need a break on the way up maybe try the Kings Lodge at Langleybury, serves Tring beers and London Pride at £2.50 a pint, cheapest for miles around!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Have just ordered 2 x 165W panels and the 30A Tracer MPPT controller. I'll wire these two in series and then connect the controller in parallel with the existing set up. I'll see how it goes once its all installed and report back. Thanks for the advice everyone. Les
  9. Yes indeed, I just checked my email and I did include that detail. Ive just emailed them back asking for clarification. Thanks Pete Do you think I could wire it as I described above if I wanted just the single controller ?
  10. Thank you all for the replies, its starting to make sense now, I can see why Bimbles suggestion may not be the best way forward. Sounds like Im going to have to spent some ££ on the existing set up, so following on from Bottle's point the other possible way to connect this up may be to series wire the two existing 18v/130w pannels to give a 36v output and put this in parallel with the two new 36v/165W panels and connect all into a new MPPT controller. The main issue being the cost of that single controller as it will need to handle around 50amps. Just for completion the battery bank is 4 x TrojanT105's (house bank) and two cheapie 110ah wet cells (start and BT) all connected via smart bank. Any thoughts on this alternative and recommendations for the controller ? Cheers Les
  11. On another recent thread someone said having two seperate solar controllers connected to your batteries was a bad idea, there wasn't much further explanation as to why this is so. Can anyone expand on this please ? I have two panels (18V) with a Stecca PWM controller and am considering adding another couple of larger panels (36V ones). Bimble Solar said the best way to connect this up would be to add a second controller for the new panels and run this in parralel to the existing set up but this clashes with the assertion above so I'm not sure how to approach this. Any help appreciated. Cheers Les
  12. Lesd

    s-type windows?

    We've had these on our boat from new (coming up 7 years) and they've never caused any problems at all (windows and ports) Also, as there is nothing protruding inside the window frame you can easily fit the acrylic secondary glazing panels lots of us use in winter, this isn't aways possible with other window styles. Also easy to take out the glass to clean all round.
  13. Hey Julian When your away from your mooring you're on holiday, surely you dont want to spend time putting that contraption up every afternoon and down again every morning, that sounds like work ! Les
  14. Yes lots of people do it (we do) but there is something around earthing that needs to be sorted first. I cant remember the details, Im sure someone will be along to explain. I think you have to modify the cable for E-N bonding or suchlike. It's all to make sure your breakers works correctly if there's a fault.
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