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  1. Yes, but even the latter could be considered sealed when compared to a bilge. It’s not like the header tank Water circulates much, if at all.
  2. How unusual. Good for you though. You sure all of the elements are still lit and not just some of them?
  3. That’s exactly what I was wondering. A central heating system is pretty much sealed when compared to a bilge.
  4. It’s about time they gave them back then.
  5. Well yeah, no point making something dry wet. I like the idea - lateral thinking.
  6. Looking at the boss on the cog I’m not sure that would be possible. Easily determined - which way do you wind it to lift the paddle? If it’s anticlockwise then the pawl is wrong. If it’s clockwise then the cog is wrong.
  7. Do you want water in the accommodation bilge? No. The hull will rust from the inside as said above Keep mopping it up and try to arrange better ventilation of the area - a slot or series of holes in the floor at the back of the fridge will assist with ventilation as it pulls the cool air up over the coils. Most importantly, find out where it is coming from and cure it. Kitchen towel placed below any plumbing joint will be a good indicator of a leak. It could also be condensation (ventilation helps here). Or it could be a leak from a window or even a roof vent. Or it could be historical (someone spilled a load of water years ago) in which case it will eventually disappear as you keep mopping it up.
  8. My Three account has one of those Unlimited Data! Even in Europe! (Unlimited when abroad is subject to our fair use policy. Fair use is described as 14Gb...) How is 14Gb ‘unlimited’? (To be fair to Three they did declare this up front when they were selling me the contract.)
  9. It’s failing. Flashing is what they usually do prior to extinguishing for good. It’s a failure of the driver circuit.
  10. If you can see the mountains it’s going to rain. If you can’t see the mountains it’s already raining.
  11. I didn’t know that. Makes perfect sense though.
  12. That’s why you bend space time. Then you don’t have to move very fast at all, because it’s space that’s travelling around you instead of you moving through it. Time doesn’t exist anyway.
  13. Only for you. An observer behind you wouldn’t see you at all and one in front of you would see your lights only when you arrived. Or something like that.
  14. Oh do keep up. Dilithium crystals. They control the antimatter reaction and enable space time to be bent. They only appear to be travelling faster than light. It’s all relative you know.
  15. Depends on the quality of the Dilithium crystals.
  16. There’s more of it left at the other end but nothing travels faster than the speed of light, Einstein said so.
  17. http://store.virginmedia.com/virgin-media-mobile/sim-only/pay-monthly-sim.html Near the bottom.
  18. Okaaaayyy... doesn’t water at the same pressure flow faster through fatter pipes?
  19. Worth a phone call to the broker? What do you have to lose?
  20. Yep. The poor sod only asked where he could buy 28 sec oil in small quantities. It appears that he’s now found a supplier.
  21. A mate of mine ran a diesel Peugeot as a private hire taxi. He was complaining that it would rev like a new car on the flat but run out of steam on a hill. “Blocked fuel filter” says I. “Nope, I’ve replaced both of them” says he. “Sure there’s not a third?” says I. So he dropped it into the local dealership. They replaced the other fuel filter
  22. Doesn’t water flow faster through fatter pipes?
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