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  1. King Charles 1 requested the Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden to transform the Fen wetlands into farmland. The results were the Forty Foot and the One Hundred Foot Drains running directly from Earith to the Wash. A two-way tidal sluice was constructed at Denver. Thus, the massive volume of River Great Ouse extensive catchment water was led directly to the sea. Vermuyden's drainage scheme relieved the narrow, lock-protected Old West River which connects the Great Ouse to the River Cam between Cambridge and Ely.
  2. Born 1944 the post-war Labour govt. provided every school child with cod-liver oil and one third of a pint of milk.We were inoculated against measles,smallpox and dipthaeria. They were determined to avoid the weedy growth of children after WW1 who were plagued by malnutrition, stunted growth, rickets and polio. Financially the Americans screwed us for the last Bank of England gold which went by ship from Liverpool to New York in 1947. Financially we were at rock bottom. Again we make the romantic mistake of dreaming the Americans are our best friends. They think of themselves, always. America FIRST. Wake up, UK.


  3. If we could identify the fascinating reason why so many Chinese repeatedly risk their own lives to travel half way around the world to make the highly dangerous, illegal Channel crossing it would help us understand it better. Why always UK when other countries are so much easier to reach?


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  6. My memory tells me that about this time you went off sailing in the Caribbean, John. Hope you had a wonderful holiday there!
  7. Should the UK tax imports, the cost of living for Brits will rise. Correspondingly the standard of living for Brits will sink. Also house prices will slow as demand drops. That is pure economic fact. Sadly, after Brexit economically the situation will  be one long downhill slide, folks. Britain is becoming poorer by the day.


  8. I read somewhere that the theoretical maximum attainable speed of a displacement vessel is the square root of the waterline length times one point five. On a shallow canal of course many other factors mostly negative must be considered.

    1. Pluto


      If you are interested in the French experiments of 1777, you should be able to download the published results at http://dx.doi.org/10.3931/e-rara-10974 . They were particularly looking at how large a canal tunnel needed to be as they were about to build the long tunnel at Riqueval on the St. Quentin Canal.

  9. Riveted iron sailing ships of the 19C had the reputation of being indestructable and long-lived. They were however heavy. The steel sailing ships which replaced them could carry more paying cargo weight.
  10. The Leeds and Liverpool boatmen most certainly used to partly open one of the upper lock gate paddles to help get the lower gates on the move when closing them prior to filling the chamber. It seemed do the wooden gates no harm and certainly ensured a tight fit with minimum leakage. Another trick they used was to throw a hooked rope over the iron rail of the swing bridges they passed through using a stern cleat and the weight of the usually loaded moving short boat to draw the swing bridge shut. The rope was then deftly flicked by the steersman and the hook flew free up in the air.
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    JP2 woes

    Lay a straight edge along the flywheel taper. If it is worn there are specialists who can spray the taper with metal then turn it off on the lathe to the correct taper profile.
  12. Zander is very popular here in Germany, it tastes delicious.
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