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  1. Must check the manual for servicing and change timings............. Like your boat roof in the 'Paint' postings - thought you were getting ready for painting another totem pole.
  2. Interesting - never seen one 'operated' on but it looks clogged up to me.
  3. 3100 hours, just run in.........plug the hole and new filters........should be OK.
  4. Hi Mark, I don't suppose a blanking bolt had dropped out? any indications in cut away diagrams in the manuals?. I doubt it is serious, probably the crankcase breather needs changing.......... Surprised Steamraiser has not picked up on this one.. Mike
  5. LEO

    First Frost

    Overnight frost here in Chesham, Chilterns.
  6. I guess we have all had this problem - get as much up as you can, newspapers laid flat are good for soaking up oil, Dispose of them carefully. Good luck.
  7. Hi, Try joining the London Boaters group on Facebook. Life for moorers in in and around London sounds tough, with security being a very real problem, finding moorings another and then sewage disposal points are limited and often not working. Mechanical breakdowns - seem frequent and costly as often mechanics do not want the work as parking for them is very tricky. As someone suggested try the Midlands. L.
  8. LEO

    Slough Arm

    I can remember a Vulcan landing on the grass strip at RAF Halton years ago, it was a one way trip and used for training purposes. Anyone near Halton - there's a good small museum (Trenchard Museum) about life in the RAF and in another building a section dedicated to powering planes, including a Chipmunk simulator. Both are open On Tuesdays, controlled entry via Main Guardhouse, check details.
  9. LEO

    3LW oil change

    Interesting - the info blurb which comes with Morris's 20W-50 Multi- grade states 'it is a low dispersant oil and allows any solid contaminants to drop harmlessly into the sump. This is an important feature where early methods of of oil filtration such as mesh gauzes or strainers are fitted.'
  10. This is very interesting - I have a 2LW and the recommended grade of oil is SAe 30 (API SD/CC) for use throughout the year, however Morris's also produce a Multi-grade SAe 20W-50 (API CC/SF), both seem to produce suitable results for engines with no filters, ie. allowing solid contaminants to drop into the sump. The SAe 30 reduces the risk of bore glazing, but the multi grade improves cold start circulation. It's the cold start up protection which interests me........ This subject has been aired before and I wonder if manufacturers would have used the multi-grade years ago?. L
  11. Hi, I wanted to find out the condition of the hull on my 17 year old, 48ft boat and Tony Tucker did a HULL survey for me - cost - £400. I coupled it with having the boat blacked and this made good any scraping/hammering of the blacking and hull a Surveyor has to do in conjunction with ultrasonic testing/steel condition inspection. He produced a helpful report which focused on the boat having too many anodes fitted. Find out exactly what sort of inspection/survey the insurers want and instruct the Surveyor accordingly. Hope this helps. L.
  12. Interesting, I got 36000 miles from a set on Hankooks fitted to a Hyundai 1X35, a set of Continentals fitted to a Tuscon managed 14000 miles..............
  13. Sorry I did not make it very clear, the drive plate was stripped by an input shaft (not shown), the shaft pictured is from a Hurth gearbox which replaced the original engineering mess, which had led to a breakdown at Days lock on the Thames in 1989. A lady gave us a tow up to Oxford, She had a cottage and mooring just above Hambleden lock and lets us use it for a month a year (FOC) until her death in 1996...every cloud has a silver lining.
  14. HI, I had problems with the drive plate on our first boat, It coupled a BMC 1.5 to a large Thamesway Gearbox. This had an input shaft with very small splines (more akin to a car shaft), if tickover was not fast enough it used to wear away the splines on the drive plate and shaft very rapidly, result - no drive. I changed the gear box to a Hurth 150 and the problem was solved. Have attached a few pictures, a Hurth shaft (which is in good condition) is available to anyone who wants to pay postage.
  15. They are, but catching them and killing them humanely is the problem......
  16. We have a family of 5 on the mooring at Cowroast, the rabbits disappeared quickly, they are absolutely fearless, last week, one hid in a rainwater drain in one of the cottages when the lid was lifted it reared up, teeth bared ready to take on anybody, anything, anytime.
  17. Hi, I have a Kabola drip feed heater (it's a smaller unit than the Reflecks) with a similar shut off arrangement it seems to shut the fuel supply off at just under 100C, it fits into a special housing which forms part of the outgoing hot pipe,I will look out some pics when I have time. it works satisfactorily and I can use the heater without the pump switched on, provided the heater is set to a very low setting. Hope that helps. I think KK (the Master of all things Reflecks) might have one of these fittings on his stove. L. I have attached a picture , special housing top left (just off pic), wire down to shut off valve.
  18. Hi, Tony Tucker did a hull survey on my boat at Cowroast, - very thorough. L
  19. Interesting comments about the wood, if your house were built a few years earlier the timber quality would have been superb - as part of the reparations Germany had to make to GB for coming second in WW1 we required huge amounts of best quality timber from the Black Forest. I found few problems with the timber in properties built in the 20's when I was working. Interested in your photograph, the piece of wood side on has lots of black dots which look like Woodworm entry holes...............I can remember looking at properties during May and actually seeing the beetles emerging and auctioning furniture during the same month watching Wworm beetles landing on the rostrum, staying a few nights at my mates very old cottage hearing the Death Watch beetle rattling away at night.....
  20. KK, Interesting article, explains the situation well. The BMC engine you now have, could be considered a vintage unit as they were built to an old design. What's the compression ratio as a matter of interest?. Athough wih 'wet' exhaust you may not notice the problem.... L
  21. I use a hosepipe to wet the paint and to rinse it off............. It's tricky with boat paint, I have had problems with compounds dripping off trees where I moor - A large hazel tree attracts aphids which causes the problem and Lime trees also drip a sticky substance......Bird droppings are another nuisance, if sun dried they are very difficult to remove - hot water and soaking seems to be one way but it takes a while to be effective. L
  22. Hi, Fairey Liquid ruins the paint surface and removes the shine, car shampoo is designed for the job and some contain wax and is you have any trace of micro-blistering a pressure washer will 'blow off' the top of the blisters and leave the undercoat exposed. The best way is a large sponge and a bucket of warm water with a suitable car shampoo.... And take care using a pressure washer near the rear view camera on a car....................... Hope that helps. L
  23. Hi, Oxon Boat painters did a good job on my boat, but bear in mind most boat painters are probably very booked up. The winter months are not a good time to paint boats, check conditions in the covered dock and is it heated. I would research 'micro blistering', horizontal surfaces do seem prone to the problem, take care with the choice of paint, avoid red - it fades badly. Craftmaster paint is excellent. When re-painted, take care of it, don't use Fairy liquid to wash it, use a good quality car shampoo, and don't use a pressure washer to clean the surfaces. Good luck. L
  24. LEO


    I agree, it was the small spray of their perfume inside the envelope before the letter was sealed....................................we won't go anywhere near SWALK, BURMA, ITALY or dare I say NORWICH......
  25. LEO

    Age of boat

    There were line drawings of H&L Norsemen boats on the H&L adverts in Waterways World in the 80's. . L.
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