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  1. East Molesey still rough ! Hersham has become gentrified ..... full of gas guzzling expensive cars and people who complain if your hedge needs cutting ! Grrr !
  2. Thanks to all for the "brilliant" ideas .... all very welcome ! And, having painted the boat ourselves in the past, know some of the pitfalls ..... Hersham NOT a rough area, between "posh" areas, Esher and Weybridge .... just a small village. Thanks for the tip about home address, by the way, senior moment. Yes, Fenny is a great and secure marina .....lovely people. Will chase up the recommendations, as I said, didn't expect a silk purse from a sow's ear somehow !
  3. Have an older boat, recently blacked, but need the roof taken back to bare metal, the other paintwork not so much. Any suggestions please ?
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