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  1. You could see if Neil any Sittle boats at Crick Wharf would do it
  2. We had our last boat painted at a similar time of year, so as long as it’s done in a temperature controlled environment you should have no issues
  3. Good to meet you yesterday morning, we had an enjoyable trip getting to Teddington Lock in around an hour.
  4. We are currently booked for both Brentford and Teddington on the 15th, finger crossed no more stoppages on the Grand Union
  5. We have Wesley windows, double glazed with thermal break, they have been excellent and no condensation last winter
  6. CRT must have done what they needed to as the wide beam that was stuck went passed us today near Gibraltar Bridge no21
  7. Notice from CRT Starting 8th July work starts on the bridge at the Warwickshire Fly to allow passage of 12’6” boats!!
  8. We have had Wesley thermal break for a year now and they have been great, now condensation on the frames even at the coldest part of the winter
  9. We went for Wesley windows, double glazed with thermal break. So far they have been excellent, no condensation on either windows or frames
  10. Hempel Hempadur 45141 used on our previous boat and on our current new build
  11. You can get thermal break framed double glazed from Wesley Windows these cut down on the condensation on the frames
  12. Hi Anybody fitted one to their narrowboat? Any good or bad points? Thanks Nigel
  13. Hi By any chance is the owner of the semi trad Morgan's Orchard that was exhibited at Crick a member of this site? Really liked the colour scheme, but Bourne Boatbuilder's seem reluctant to tell us which colours they used!! Thanks Nigel
  14. Just had a phone call from our best friends who live near there and it was their grandson who sadly fell to his death on his way home from work. Our thoughts go out to all Kris's family and friends at this sad time
  15. Thanks for the heads up Just ordered mine, but took some doing as EE did not recognise the code, had to ring to verify the order, but they did accept it, suspect they will get the offer removed pretty quick
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