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  1. Wickes do a paper booklet containing all the cabinet sizes which are normally dotted about the displays. Used a combination of 500mm, 400mm and 300mm wide units. The Belling oven fitted into a 700mm wide unit (I think) no just checked it was a 600mm wide unit
  2. I took my design for NB Veto to Wickes when we were moored at Pyrford. They priced it all up and then they delivered all the flat packs to Pyrford, I built them all up on the boat myself, Chris moved them to the appropriate places PS I got discount that they were running at the time and it didn't only apply if they fitted it.
  3. Thanks for organising this Richard 1 x veggie for me 1 x Carvery for Chris.
  4. Mr B and I are up for the 30th we will be staying at the Travel Lodge by the Canal Basin. I think I can change the booking to 2 nights can do NYE dinner.......
  5. We aways buy our ekornes off fleebay
  6. Won't be until after the Historic boat gathering at Alvecote (August Bank Holiday) as we are having some refit work done, Sarah is aiming for finishing the week before. If there is plenty of water in the Oxford Canal we will be coming down that way, so will stop at T n K overnight (find something to moor alongside).........
  7. Not many at the moment as we are down here and Hare is up there
  8. We have a salamander ( not the lizardy thing) that goes inline between the water tank outlet and the pump, it has cut down a lot of our very hard water scale.
  9. I have the sure cal vertical 75ltr one it is very short and dumpy 595mm tall. It has an an immersion and runs off the Kabola E7 as well.
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