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  1. For anyone booking the Travelodge if you sign up to their news letter you get a 5% discount code.
  2. As I was a banter virgin last year I am saying nothing too much about the initiation but I can confirm the physical scars have healed. The mental ones...………... Sounds good to me for this year though an NYE if there are others.
  3. I recently purchased the Impax 2500 from Screwfix (2200w continuous 2500w peak) and have to say it's a good bit of kit. It's been used for 5/6 days at an event running from around 7am to 10pm and never missed a beat.
  4. I'm sure for the sake of the happiness of the Duck the lifejacket could be re-auctioned however it may not be useable after the snake has been wearing it at Alvecote this weekend.
  5. I'll bid 10p for the lifejacket. Do the non forum users know they have been outbid for the pen?
  6. Try calling Pete/Chris on 07985 125347 they are really helpful and experienced,
  7. Well day 2 was an interesting mix of tidal pushes, strong currents and plenty of fresh. We left Torksey just after 8 and the tidal push really helped however the amount of fresh coming down meant we were soon fighting the flow and the nearer we got to Cromwell the harder we had to push. We met 3 boats going the opposite way but listening to the radio and talking to the Lock Keepers there was only us and a Widebeam heading upstream. The split for Newark Dyke and the Trent was challenging as it wanted to throw us all over the place but once we were past it the journey was smooth and we are now at Kings Marinain Newark ready to head to Stoke Bardolph tomorrow. Safe me to say a great time is being had by all.
  8. As some of you may know The Chesterfield Canal Trust’s historic boat Python is going to be at Braunston Historic Boat festival. That obviously means getting her there. That journey began in earnest today when we locked out of West Stockwith onto the Tidal Trent. Although there was a fair bit of fresh coming down the tide gave us a real helping hand and progress was quick. Due to the high level and flooding some areas of the river were about twice as wide as usual and as the tide died away we pushed the Lister a little harder which has done the world of good as often on the canal she barely goes above tick over (she draws around 3ft and The Chesterfield isn’t the deepest Canal!). Suffice to say we made it to Torksey in good time and met some of the other crew members in the White Swan for a really nice lunch with a good portion size! Tomorrow will see us catching the tide at about 8am heading for Kings Marina in Newark. If you see Python on her travels don’t forget to wave!
  9. bigray


    Thanks for the input. I went for the cheaper Screwfix option in the end. One of the main reasons being the refurbished EU20 was no longer available! I'll report back when I have used it a few times.
  10. bigray


    I'm looking at buying one of the smallish quiet suitcase generators more to use with a Caravan than a boat. I'm looking at ones with a peak output of 2000w and rated for about 1500w such as the Honda EU20i. A new Honda EU20i is out of the question due to the cost but I do have the opportunity to buy a reconditioned one from a local company that has a warranty. This is still considerably more expensive than the new equivalent from somewhere like Screwfix or Machine Mart. The question is are they worth the difference. I appreciate you tend to get what you pay for but is the Honda 2-3 times better. The other option I;ve seen is a Kipor which seem to sit between the two does anyone have experience of them. It will probably get used for 2/3 hours per day on about 15 weekends of the year and is for topping up the batteries possibly some power tool use and a small microwave. Does anyone have any thoughts/recommendations? Thanks
  11. If there are any local canal groups/trusts that aren't a million miles away they may be able to assist for a suitable donation.
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