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  1. Well in the name of research I’ve selflessly got the Swan in the Rushes early to make sure the beer is up to standard. You can all thank me later!
  2. There seems to be a distinct lack of care for the Duck in this thread! On a serious note it goes to show just how important it is to have alarms fitted! There are two in Python's relatively small cabin. One of them is deliberately placed at a similar height to someone's head if they were sleeping in the cabin.
  3. You think yourself lucky we have to change our every 28 days!
  4. Ooooh a sneaky bid there from Rusty. £1.08 for the fork.
  5. The Casa Café looks like a good bet to me. I suspect those of us staying for New Years eve will have less choice for new years day.
  6. For anyone booking the Travelodge if you sign up to their news letter you get a 5% discount code.
  7. As I was a banter virgin last year I am saying nothing too much about the initiation but I can confirm the physical scars have healed. The mental ones...………... Sounds good to me for this year though an NYE if there are others.
  8. I recently purchased the Impax 2500 from Screwfix (2200w continuous 2500w peak) and have to say it's a good bit of kit. It's been used for 5/6 days at an event running from around 7am to 10pm and never missed a beat.
  9. I'm sure for the sake of the happiness of the Duck the lifejacket could be re-auctioned however it may not be useable after the snake has been wearing it at Alvecote this weekend.
  10. I'll bid 10p for the lifejacket. Do the non forum users know they have been outbid for the pen?
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