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  1. New Crew

    Our rescue dog suffered with separation Anxiety. We found that a massive help was an old jumper that had been worn for a couple of days so the scent of people he recognised (even after a couple of days) was still with him. Worked wonders. He still has some issues even years later especially around other dogs but it's amazing how quickly their behaviour changes once they get a bit of routine and love.
  2. Stolen Boat

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  3. HNBC AGM postponed 3/3/18

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  4. Imaginary Boat Trip - Play along please!

    Could we not just attach a few thousand helium balloons to lift her then see how effective the prop is when it comes to air rather than water?
  5. Chesterfield canal - mooring

    I echo Cheshire Rose's points and just add i've never heard of any security issues etc. there.
  6. "Barge falls off trailer"

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  7. Mooring in Worksop

    If you decide to Moor in Retford the Idle Valley Brewery Tap is about 100 yards from Town Lock. It's also worth a visit to Beer Hedz which is just off the market place.
  8. Mooring in Worksop

    Personally i'd probably avoid mooring in Worksop especially overnight. As noddy mentioned the Lock Keeper is probably your best bet mooring wise. It's about a 20 minute walk into the town centre from there. The other alternative is some mooring ringsabout 200 yards above Deep Lock which will probably only add 5 minutes to your walk into town if that.
  9. There is power at the Boat Club @ Clayworth on the Chesterfield and they allow visitors for mooring. Equally in Retford the Hop Pole pub allow mooring (I beleive you need to book a table as well) and they have power. Give me a shout when you are passing through!
  10. Crashing again

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  11. Hi I'm new

    Welcome to the forum. I've spoken to your Dad a few times I think he's as excited (if not more) than you
  12. Aunty Wainwright's Everything Must Go Sale

    Lot 4: - Jelly Babies i'll bid £1