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  1. Tarring Neville, East Sussex. When I was a kid I used to feel sorry for Neville.
  2. Pull knob off, spray with wd40, clamp spindle with mole grips, ease to and fro, job done.
  3. Hello Kevin. Thanks for the info, i did look on the rn register but could not find any info on mechanics for my area, i am a member of the register. Thanks again. Bas.
  4. Does anyone know a mechanic who would service my engine please, i am moored on the River Wey. Thanks.
  5. You could have a look in Caen Hill Marina, then have a walk up the Caen Hill flight of locks, nice day out.
  6. when moored on the Thames at Runnymead we watched a Cormorant fishing, after 3 0r 4 dives he came up with an eel which was about 18 inches long, (45cm for younger readers), it took him a good 10mins to get the eel in the right position to swallow it, 2 seconds later the eel shot back out like a javelin, this happened 3 times before the Cormorant gave up, best half hours entertainment i have had in years.
  7. we virtually gave up trying to watch tv, getting the aerial out of the locker, twisting it round and round, chucking it back in the locker, since buying the Necvox i can get a picture anywhere, a lot of the time with the aerial inside the boat, i can only speak as i find.
  8. Get yourself a Necvox mag mount, you wont need a signal booster.
  9. Have you checked the fuse or trip to your 12v sockets,
  10. Looks like the thief is still about, genny removed from boat on the pyrford mooring line this morning, bolt croppers were used.
  11. If it was all on one side of the boat, it could well be a Lister.
  12. twinpot

    What if...

    What if Meatloaf had done that.
  13. Plus, this time of year, the colder the water entering the boiler will effect the heat of the water exiting it.
  14. Having had a trapped nerve in my neck,i know how you feel, i was given strong pain killers, went to hospital they put me under and tried to twist my head right round, didnt work, i then had electric shocks down my arm and neck, didnt work, they tried everything. Out of desperation i went private to a chiropractor. he sat me in a chair, told me to hold the chair seat with the my arm that hurt and sit upright pulling on the arm, he then put a very cold flannel on my neck and shoulder, when it was really cold i had to let go of the chair and relax, he then put hot flannel on my neck and shoulder till it was nice and hot, he did this 2 times, then sent me home and said do it yourself twice a day. i did it twice the next day, woke up the following morning, no pain, the first time in months. Hope you feel better soon.
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