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  1. That's what I thought you would find buried away in the tube.
  2. I would be very surprised to find a cutlass bearing in a Cheverton. It'll more than likely be a brass or something similar bearing.
  3. Steve56


  4. Steve56


  5. The reason there are no details could be that it was not a Lister Petter engine it is a Petter engine. The only Petter engines included in the technical handbook would have been the engines in production at the time of the merger. I take it the handbook is the thickish one with the black cover.
  6. A lot of the towpath on my local canal has been handed over to Sustrans and is part of the National Cycle Network
  7. The 4 guys who originally started Beta Marine were ex Listers. There were no links at all. Beta would buy this engine from Lister as would any other customer.
  8. Which sounds odd as Beta bought this engine from Listers and then did there own thing with it.
  9. By pulling this rod in and out the speed will be altered. The maximum and minimum positions of the rod needs to be locked to give maximum speed and idle speed. It has nothing to do with stopping the engine. The separate stop lever is shown in the diagram in post 39, and is number 35.
  10. A couple more bits of info. Rod no 32 comes from inside the engine and through a hole in the casing. The rest of the diagram shows the variable speed items.
  11. Fixed speed engines have the springs to give a much more stable speed and allow generators to maintain the speed within 4% between full and no load. The problem with this set up is getting the steady low idle speed. In fact more often than not the engine will not run at a low speed. That is the reason for fitting the correct weights without springs. This can be seen looking at the speed ranges in the governor weight chart.
  12. A little more info on governors which may help.
  13. This may help. A couple of tables showing governor weights. Note that fixed speed weights are linked by springs. Variable speed weights are not.
  14. The Lister HA engine was fitted with a oil retaining ring, pt no 351-11520,and a felt washer, pt no 351-11530. Normally the ring will be fine, and you just replace the felt washer. From memory I think this washer may come in the joint set, but not 100% sure.
  15. Ĺ Yes they have relatively recently used this pulley mod. Not sure if it is on all engines. It is still good practice to run at a higher speed for charging, just smooths everything out.
  16. The reason for this is the cyclic irregularity of an engine running at idle. By increasing the speed it will smooth the engine out. Beta have had a few problems in the past with crank pulleys coming loose. The cause, running at idle to charge batteries.
  17. They were made by TEK Tanks. Made of 10 mm thick plastic and came with a 10 year warranty. Not cheap, but I was very happy with them and also a good company to deal with.
  18. I would second this. I had exactly the same experience with the bladder tanks that were fitted to my boat when I purchased it. They have now been replaced with plastic( made to measure) tanks which came with a 10 year warranty. Very pleased with them.
  19. I have come across a few very old diesel tanks that have corroded through due to water. These are separate tanks, and not built in tanks that you would normally find in narrowboats.
  20. Its a really good trip. Did it last year. Not on anarrow boat, but on a small open clinker built boat. Took the other side of the parting and went over Gloucester weir.
  21. What's interesting is why you have coolant coming from location shown. Normally below that cover is where the original fuel filter would have been fitted. Also the cover shown does not look original as there would have usually been a raised cast cover fitted.
  22. Gearbox ratio should not make any difference to boat speed as long as the correct propeller is fitted. Sounds like the boat may have had a 3-1 gearbox , but the propeller was to suit a 2-1 gearbox.
  23. If it has been built as a generator engine it will probably be fixed speed. If this is the case it will need the governor weights and a couple of other parts changing to make it variable speed. Should be quite a simple job if you can get hold of the correct parts.
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