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  1. Thank you boaters for your time Appreciated. 👍
  2. Hi boaters Any advice our double bed is permanently set up on our boat ..seem to get damp between bottom of mattress and top of bed board we have draws at base of bed... trying different ideas used silver thermal block sheet - still same.... welcome any advice .. cheers all
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Primeline-PEFLVF-Voltage-Extractor-Manrose/dp/B009CC8PM2 This is the link to the fan do I need a transformer with it as I'm 12 v anyway
  4. Hi boaters I'm replacing my 12v toilet fan.. received my replacement fan it's come with two red lives only not live and negative. I see it's Obviously not compatible any advice can I reconfigure some how any advice welcome Thank you
  5. Thank you Is there a difference between solar panels that people have on their roofs on houses and the Marine type we use on our boats ?
  6. that's a fair size How many amps are you replacing I live in a marina sailing summer
  7. Hi all Looking now for solar panels for my boat. Any recommendations make and model I'll be looking to use around 80 to 100 amps. A nite ?
  8. Exactly the same with me 10.4 by morning. With no use We got our boat in February 12 batteries were knackered replace them after 8 weeks just replace them again yesterday with Albion 120amp Also to be fair I didn't check my sterling battery charger and it was set to charge open lead acid batteries the ones I replaced them with sealed lead acid . At that time not to glued up We learn everyday Sorry got our boat in 2014
  9. Haha that's one way how to look at it . Cheers
  10. Thanks What I meant to say was sealed or unsealed batteries just deciding what type to use also what size amps ???
  11. Thank you all for all the help It's time for me now to choose my replacement batteries (What's amps size Now sure?) Lead acid not sealed ?
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