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  1. Three are now doing a £22 a month deal with the Huawei B311 and Unlimited Data. Including GoBinge http://store.three.co.uk/view/basket/MBBD30012018T134033
  2. Now on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal on way to home mooring tomorrow.
  3. I have T&C as always there's a small print but to advertise online and shop fronts the words unlimited when its not is braking trades description act.
  4. Trading Standards would be port of call. But when i do do 1TB a month I will chase it up with them. As would have to proove by their own wording commercial use.
  5. I got there chargeable 34" maybe 32" but yes only needs to charge up while traveling for 2hrs on 240v or can be charged 12v but gives up to 8-14 hrs of viewing before it needs recharging or pugging in. Great TV but yes have to adjust quality which uses a bit more of the energy.
  6. They still can pulled to account if someone uses 1tb of data and not for commercial reasons. Back in the days of 56k dial ups some services said unlimited and were not and many got round them. as Unlimited does not mean fair use.
  7. They would have to prove commercial use.
  8. It worked on my Huweei MIFI 4G Router even though a phone sim deal, even said in shop it would. It is totally uncapped the Unlimited Data.. Does not slow down at any time
  9. From my few months experience on a 60 x 12.6ft wide beam. Which dips at the back, part of design. It steers from the center very smoothly, you do have to factor for winds. But if you're going slowly you have time to judge you're movement and should not have much trouble. I will take it extremely slowly when I moor up on my new linear home mooring end of the Month. As Boat in front as tight space to plonk it in. I find it relaxing moving the beast about,
  10. I'm moving end of month to Maghull seems round Liverpool Area and outskirts very good service on 3
  11. Sounds like a good option. Cheers for that. I'm purchasing the fans today. So hopefully will work when I wire it all up.
  12. Probably not much different to original Fridgemaster question, I have spotted some on a certain Chandler site so probably will be a solution to my issue Yes there is some sensor on an internal circuit.
  13. To work as units wont work without them attached.
  14. What 12v fans should I use as a fridgemaster freezer 12v and fridgemaster fridge 12v only thing not supplied but required to run them both ?
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