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  1. Hello! I'm doing well, attempting to learn how to keep a fire lit all night! All fun and games. How are you both? Are you moored up for Winter or still cruising?
  2. Dawnrazor, might have just what you're looking for. Will send you a private message.
  3. Thanks Johnny London, I've gone away for the weekend now so will check for continuity when I'm back on Monday... Had to turn the fridge off and clean it as batteries are also batttered (figured I should sort solar before looking at new batteries!) so at least my fridge is clean Appreciate all the info folks, I won't be able to call myself a newbie at all after all this learning I'm doing!
  4. I'm not 100% sure how to test for continuity... With an MC4 connector do you mean to separate it, and put one probe of the voltmeter onto male end and one onto the female end?
  5. Darn. So the problem is somewhere between the connectors and the MPPT... I don't think there are any other connectors along the way, so could the wire be the culprit?
  6. To resurrect this post... My solar stopped working again shortly after I posted this, but I've been cruising daily so it hasn't been an issue. I've finally arrived at my mooring (hooray!) and now need to sort solar. I bought new mc4 connectors and have just replaced them, and am getting nothing through. I didn't use any 'proper' connector tools, just my normal wire crimper. Is there something that the mc4 connector tool does to connect the system together than would stop it from working otherwise? Previously unplugging the mc4 connectors and plugging them back in worked, so I am still hoping it is the connectors and myself that are at fault! One of the connectors I removed was quite rusted, the other fine visually. I have tested the blade fuse and it's fine
  7. This started leaking and letting air into the system.. I just assumed it was a fuel filter (complete newbie). Happy to leave as is once I've stopped the leak!
  8. Ohh. Why was it full of diesel? Is that usual? And where is a primary fuel filter usually installed??
  9. Can anyone tell me what fuel filter I need for this please? Can't find any info online and there wasn't one in it when I took it apart! It has 'Type SS' and 'Des no 5836B250' etched onto it.
  10. Thanks Mike! It's not gas. And, although I do have a cat, it's thankfully not the smell of death. More the smell of old stinky water, which was why I was so sure it was from the shower leak. But it's definitely (ok, 99%) coming from the Morco and not the bilge. Can smell it from the heater itself and from the flue outside the boat... Or, at least, the smell is coming from roughly where the Morco is situated. Can't smell anything below that when I stick my face into the inspection hole I cut in the floor. Does Mercaptan smell like dirty old water?? I could well have a low gae bottle.. I've been on the boat for two months and haven't had to change it yet, which has surprised me
  11. I have a smell coming from my Morco heater.. Until now I have assumed that it was actually coming from the bilge below, as the shower tray had been leaking for some time when I bought the boat and there was a lot of old water sitting in the bilge. That's all dried out now and there is no smell coming from the bilge. I'm fairly sure the smell isn't gas (although the more I sniff it, the more paranoid I'm making myself feel about that), but will get hold of a leakage detector and check that asap. From my brief Googling I've read that bacteria can cause a sulphur smell. I wouldn't describe the smell as sulphurous either... I'm currently cruising every day and getting my hot water from the calorifier, and so the heater isn't being used at all- could this lack of use have an effect on potential bad smells? I also don't know when it was last cleaned, so that's on my to-do list as well. Any thoughts/experience of this? @Mike the Boilerman- I know you'll have some very helpful advice! Thought I'd put it out to the hive mind as well rather than just send you a private message
  12. Thanks for the suggestions! No, the screw isn't missing but it is fully tightened. Will have a mess around with it as soon as I get out of the sticks (currently in Cropredy and heading north)!
  13. I have a TX controls 700 so gear control box and the splines on the handle and the little knob (please insert official terminology here!) have worn. The handle slips. I can hold it at a certain angle and get away with it but it's certainly not ideal, and I'm pretty sure I'm not doing good things to it. Can anyone point me in the right direction for replacement parts? The handle is easy to find but I don't know the name for said little knob. Also does anyone have any suggestions for a temporary bodge? I tried mole grips, which work in forward but slip in reverse.. It could be because my grips are cheapy Screwfix ones. Any help greatly appreciated!
  14. I'll be on the Thames for a few days on my journey from Aldermaston to Maghull, and am looking at anchors.. It seems a little crazy that I may never use it again. Is borrowing an anchor something that people do? Or renting from a hire company maybe? Or should I just cough up and think of it as useful ballast in my bow hatch?
  15. Well I've tried it.. Will see what happens! Planning on taking up the whole floor (slowly!) because there's water trapped throughout the cabin bilge from a shower leak. Bathroom and gas lockers can be my trial run!
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