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  1. mizpah2

    Look Out Your Flairs The Seventies Are Back

    Cheese cloth shirts ! loon trousers , two different colours front and back , thankfully no photos ! sadly wedding photos in white flairs suit ( only you can see me Jeff ) could photoshop them to straights !
  2. mizpah2

    i only watch as i am in the room , honest

    he is on youtube as " lost voice guy " but I can not do linky stuff !
  3. Britains got talent ? Anyway on tonights show was a standup comedian - who had trouble standing up - the guy was disabled and could not speak , full marks to the guy , we thought he was brave , funny and great ! try to watch him if you can .
  4. mizpah2

    Am I cursed ?

    I'd rather have a chocolate chip !
  5. mizpah2

    what would you do !

    great news but lets not forget , he has killed a person , and I hope it does not cause him mental problems I feel he should be offered some sort of help incase , like counseling .
  6. mizpah2

    what would you do !

    My friend Eric lives in California during a conversation years ago he stated he was told by the police he has the right to shoot " burglars " in his house to protect his family ( and if they fall outside drag them back in the house ! he hasn't got a gun so it was hyperthetical !
  7. mizpah2

    what would you do !

    just read about the old guy being attacked in his home at 00.45 by two burglars one brandishing a screwdriver a struggle happens as he is forced into his kitchen . the burglar gets stabbed ! and the problem is ?
  8. mizpah2

    Full monty

    Some naked women can be scary but that Venus De Milo seems armless .
  9. mizpah2

    Energy charges

    It is a sad state of affairs that providers of all we pay for do not just give the best deal up front , my annual problem is the AA , this years renewal was £160 I called them moaned and got it reduced to £89 ! must check our energy as we are with BG .
  10. mizpah2

    RIP Mr Dodd.......

    just for you -" just an add on , it seems amazing that he died , in the house he was born in , 90 years later " .
  11. mizpah2

    Data Storage

    lightbulb moment wasn't sweep the only one that made a noise ? very proper kids show ! unlike what went on in that basket with teddy , how many were in there ?
  12. mizpah2

    Data Storage

    If you drop the " H " he would have had Sooty !
  13. mizpah2

    Data Storage

    Steptoe the younger !
  14. mizpah2

    Data Storage

    " Darn " it !
  15. mizpah2

    Data Storage

    Wasn't he on the Enterprise with John Luke Picard ? just seen alredy done !

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