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  1. 3D zebra crossing

    I can see problems with this , if you were unaware of it and suddenly came upon it it would appear to be an obstacle and cause instant emergency braking , following vehicles could run into the back . very good effect though !
  2. overseas aid

    So Cool !
  3. Dangerous Africa

    After the sad , incident where a big game trophy hunter was shot and killed accidentally by one of his chums , a poacher has been killed and eaten by a pride of lions , shame .
  4. overseas aid

    Just checked the Salvation Army ceo gets £15k , the Oxfam ceo gets £130k and has 5000 paid staff . ok Oxfam may be a lot bigger but I bet the £15k guy could run Oxfam .
  5. overseas aid

    As my wife and I are recently retired we have time to look into and question things we did not before . With this latest charity revelation we had a look at this countries overseas aid payments . The first was India who recently were in the news for their involvement in space exploration , in 2015 , the figures via BBC , we gave them £180 million , why ? It also seems the guy who runs the Salvation Army , a charity we have witnessed at first hand , is the lowest paid of all some wages are unreal .
  6. It's started

    My brother had chemo but did not loose any hair , when his wife had it she lost hers but was given a voucher for a wig . the one she got was superb and could not be detected as a wig . I do not know if this applies to men but in this cold weather might be a good idea and choose a style from your favourite era ! I am naturally bald and look daft in any cap/hat in the cold weather , I would not mind looking like a Beatle and being warm ( I am off to ebay ) ! Best of luck with the treatment and a happy outcome .
  7. send them up the chimney

    Well so the F1 grid girls are to be replaced with kids ! this should spark some criticism , child labour ! robbed of a proper childhood ! what next ?
  8. is it me ?

    Ok I agree with the mens evening argument that the females were not treated properly but F1stopping the grid girls is a bit too far . they are usually in the national dress of the host country and are very nice . at the next Olympics on the opening parade will the flag carriers , female or male , be banned ? in Tescos last week there was a nice girl handing out some pieces of cake for customers to try , tut tut should not be allowed !
  9. Just testing my new dongle.

    you never hear children with names like Alf or Hilda anymore they are now named after American states " Dakota ", bridges " Brooklyn " etc bring back Elsie , Gladys , Ernest etc ? or maybe not !
  10. Sir Doddy's OK !

    Great to hear Ken Dodd is ok , still in hospital but hopefully on the mend . My wife and I have survived his extended shows at Southport Theatre when he comes back on , when you think the show has ended ,with a flask and buttys and says " didn't they tell you to bring some ? Long may he perform .
  11. Pub loos

    Ok , The Roebuck near Garstang many years ago had a long urinal in the gents . on the wall you looked at was a picture frame with the days crossword in it with a pencil on a piece of string ! for the use of ambidextrous gents only !
  12. Pub loos

    up until building work a few years ago , the scotch piper inn at Lydiate near the L & L , had outside a gents large urinal with no roof on it . fine until the Southport bus stopped giving those on the top deck a look in !
  13. B B C .

    All this talk about high salaries paid to BBC employees got me to thinking , why do we still have it ? I do not listen to any BBC radio stations , I rarely watch BBC tv , and it seems the tax payer , I still am one , has paid for this institution for long enough . Time moves on and the alternatives , I think , are a lot more popular .

    We watched a programme on tv on new years eve , either side of going out at midnight and watching the fireworks , it was about tv programmes going wrong . Anyway , there was a programme about a guy on usa tv where he gave advice on pets . I found it on Youtube under " usa cable pet show " worth a look , watch out for the puppy licking the tortoise .
  15. VHS video tape disposal

    we sourced a VHS player for the boat and buy good old films from charity shops ie 3 for a pound , rainy cold days sorted !