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  1. Mr Pegg gets his stake back and wins the bet. I thought it was about this picture.
  2. And you'd lose your stake. It's from the Red Lion bridge. The Aylesbury Arm is another bridge and several bends away.
  3. Kernunnos


    Inappropriate comment removed.
  4. I enjoy watching rugby and football, but I find that in pubs the enjoyment of either game is often adversely affected by pious and opinionated rugby fans spouting on and on about rugby's gentlemanly superiority, how rugby players respect the referee, how they'll bravely play on with every bone in their body mangled, and how football players are a bunch of overpaid, play-acting sissies... as if nobody had ever noticed that before.
  5. If you need to be moving, then you could do a lot worse than picking up an old British Seagull for fifty odd quid from Ebay. They're very crude and basic, but they're absolutely bomb proof, and that's why there's so many available at such low prices. I'm in a similar situation with regards to affording a new permanent engine, so I've picked up a Seagull to use temporarily and it's absolutely amazed me. It's only a couple of horsepower at best but it's managing to propell a 25ft narrowboat to keep me out of trouble with CRT and buy me a bit of time to get the money together for a more practical permanent engine... if I bother. I might actually keep the Seagull. Just a suggestion. I hope the w***er who nicked your motor treads on a rusty nail and gets gangrene.
  6. Righto. Hopefully you won't have watched too much by the time you're reminded, and your brain won't have dissolved beyond repair. Can you remind the forum to remind you, and keep us all up to date with whatever you're watching on the box until then?
  7. Too expensive these days. Get some Romanians on it. Or wait a few years and try some Turks.
  8. It's not up to you to prove anything. It's not illegal to have your post directed to a friend or family member.
  9. There's some excellent GRP boats out there for less than 10K. With 25K, I reckon you can get far more boat for your money if you look beyond samey steel narrowboats. Go for it.
  10. I highly doubt it's a mouse. It's more likely to be a very large rat, capable of inflicting horrific bites to the throat if cornered, and carrying bubonic plague.
  11. Definitely get a 12v water pump. And a stove.
  12. You what? Exactly what do you think liveaboard boaters are going to do to attract negative attention from the locals? I've never encountered any negativity from the locals in Napton. You wouldn't be projecting your own prejudices, would you? What on Earth do you mean by: "...the type of people it seems to attract..."?!! It has a caravan park/council estate vibe, does it? Well, I've lived on both types of places. Where are you from? Windsor bloody Castle?
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