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  1. problem with a pumpout tank that you've not owned for it's entire life is that you don't know what someone else may have put down years ago. sludge can sit in the corners etc. trapping things and never get properly removed, then if its sat a while unused and dried out this could then break off and come back to bite you years down the line. i know at some point a pair of specs a previous owner lost in our loo could resurface if they haven't already gone i guess worst case you could replace the flexi hose with the blockage in, if it's easy enough to get to without dismantling too much trim.
  2. We were at Overwater for three or four years with our shareboat. Office staff very helpful, as was Simon in the workshop. Cruising options are not too bad, we usually either stopped on the embankment at Nantwich first night, or the bottom of the Audlem flight, for the proximity to pubs. Barbridge was do-able, but due to time constraints of when we got onboard with being a share it meant you were quite late to the moorings and most were gone. Not a problem if you don't mind a nice walk after the pub dodging dog eggs on the towpath. if you have a pump-out loo, the machine is timed, so get everything ready before you pop the token in to ensure you get everything done. Think it was £16 a go if memory serves. Working as a team, the wife and i could easily do both loo's on the boat in the allotted time (usually just use one, but both if taking in-laws too) but we have seen folk have to go buy another token due to faffing about. the cafe & wheelyboat mean you can sometimes have quite the audience whilst steering onto the services (two coachloads of grannies was my worst) so bear in mind if you're shy We'd not have a problem moving back
  3. i've been up and down our stairs thousands of times over the years, still slipped down the last few carrying a basket of laundry the other day though familiar things can still bite you in the ass, or hit in this case
  4. by the same logic you don't KNOW that it wouldn't have. Schrödinger's boat. From what i can tell the production company DID accept responsibility by offering a settlement, he's chosen NOT to accept that and gone for the company they were contracted to produce a series for in the hope's of a bigger payout.
  5. i can't help feeling that the "national treasure" in question was going to sink if it was moved or not, he now has a useful scapegoat to claim against. i think the production company felt responsible knowing they'd moved it without permission so offered a settlement, but he's now seen those fat Netflix pound signs and gone for a big pay day. hardly surprising with today's compensation culture. certainly makes you think twice about re-mooring a boat that's broken free if you're then in the frame for damages should it sustain any after the fact though
  6. Then colour me sad. I find it quite useful on an evening to turn all the downstairs lights off with one command as i'm going to bed, saves me having to wander into every room of our house and flick switches (technically that's a form of "pushing buttons"). Or have them come on automatically at set times and off again when we're away on the boat. each to their own though, i was merely offering an alternative solution, PM me your preferred collection point and i'll send you some Quality Street ?
  7. yeah, but all the hard work is done, i'm just standing on the shoulders of giants
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. i guess in simple terms for electronic projects that require an electronic brain. like a weather station that records from different sensors and then sends or compiles the data, or a security camera, or a remote control car/boat/plane. for clever nerds to make stuff that does stuff. this rules me out, i can make an arcade cab out of a raspberry pi, but anything that requires programming beyond changing values in code is beyond my pea brain
  10. i don't think they're in coloured cellophane like they used to be. you can get reasonably cheap colour changing LED bulbs nowadays, cool to warm white and combo RGB colours all changed from your phone or via Alexa, Google, Siri etc.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. I've heard they have new plans for the basin to really engage the public next year
  13. no, that stripey monstrosity in the garden. i know you could easily remove it (preferably with nukes from orbit) but as i'm in no position to spaff £500k on a house i may as well find silly reasons to justify not buying it, like that gravel being the wrong colour
  14. i've been told it was failure of, or around, a new culvert installed by the contractors that built the extension working on behalf of LCC
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. very true, FiL got one for my MiL as she said it was the only way she'd cycle again, we were at a family BBQ for some reason or other and it came out of the shed. Oh how we laughed as one of my wife's sisters wobbled it straight into the hedge ... until we all had a go. FiL sold it a month later
  18. theres an old bloke comes up our hill on occasion on a fat e-trike, if i ever manage to catch him ill get the details for you
  19. i lost interest in fat bikes once i discovered they weren’t just bikes for fat lads
  20. surely you'd then have to fit hydrofoils to the boat?
  21. i’d imagine the width footprint of a trike would not be suitable for a lot of towpath pinch points. you could try a track cyclist like Sir Chris Hoy who is used to turning a huge gear from a standing start on two wheels, so a lesser gear with weight to pull might be comparable. perhaps Robert Förstemann could be employed more cheaply, he certainly has the legs for it
  22. i’d imagine it will also become a handy target to chuck stuff at with the intention of popping/sinking it
  23. my thoughts exactly, a lady not to be trifled with
  24. the security tag thing has happened a few times from Asda for us, couple of weeks ago the driver told me it was ok as they’re all supposed to carry the removal gizmo on the vans now. he went back to the van and rummaged for a bit, then swore, then came back and apologised as someone at the depot had “borrowed” it. we got a refund. first time it happened the nice lady driver said there were some f’ing idiots working on the packing and literally pulled the tag off with her bare hands ?
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