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  1. Grinding paste in oil filler makes a better sound. (Eventually)
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. My boat had a marine mortgage when she was built has all numbers and weight welded on the hull, when I enquired to lloyds they sent me the paperwork for her it has name of builder and original owners details and amount the mortgage was for. They also asked if I would like to keep her registered for money's I declined that part.
  4. Billy Boy


    That was one or two years ago when cars had grease nipples on wheel bearings
  5. Billy Boy


    Don't they have a grease nipple on the sprocket. I threw my in the skip when I put 12" pulley on.
  6. Thank you all for putting my mind at ease, much appreciated.
  7. Thanks I will decide which route when I get closer to split, I'd like to do the sour but the weather may change my mind.
  8. Thanks Alan, we have three anodes down each side and the sides are not under cut at baseplate so it all counts were not due out of water yet so I don't want the expense of crane just to grind them off because I will have to black as well ( as a matter of corse ) so just inquiring about widths.
  9. Now fully retired we've decided to move our N/B to Sawley Marina and cruise that part of the country. Our beam is 6' 10" with straight sides plus anodes so the we are probably 7' 2" ish Chould there be any tight spots in locks on any of the routes from the south. TIA.
  10. Yes that's it, I'm told it has a leyland engine the mania sale person said £19k. She has a wooden super structure. I can get more details Monday if you wish what would you like to know? Not the sals person with a wss Don't know where previously moored it been here at roydon for a few years.
  11. Another just gone come up for sale. Sun reg no: 49723 here roydon Marina motorised butty.
  12. I would have though all party's have to be informed as details of length would be false.
  13. I know you've no idea what size battery bank you need but, you're small's will be the cleanest on the cut. ps apart from LadyG's
  14. for the extra £s these cost I thought I'd try and get the charging right.
  15. Thanks Julian, my charger is set for half of yours for 12v. Takes an age to get to 100%. Did they last as long as other deep cycle? My AC power is through a 2000w gen, not a cheep way but no other way of charging for a while. (Engine out for another week)
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