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  1. Billy Boy

    Out of water survey in London

    You could try lea valley Marina at Stansted abbotts or hallingbury Marina on the Stort they may have a slot.
  2. Billy Boy


    Mrs cuffs me twice when I do nothing.
  3. Billy Boy


    Must be the gas repeating.
  4. Billy Boy


    Basking turd shark
  5. Billy Boy


    I've just retired from working for a well known waist management company dealing with human waist, tankering from sesspits to spreading on crop fields,(yes you probably eat it) what I am seeing on the water here is not human waist but rotting vegetation and algie so much algie the water has turned a lovely green with brown patches.caused buy the heat wave we are having. All of it goes in the head of the works, either through pipes or tanker they don't sepperate blue added or not.
  6. I was born in the 50s David, I was referring to its age 70 years isn't bad with wood and metal shrinking and expanding over that period it's done pretty well.
  7. Billy Boy


    Rotting vegetation creating methane which bubbles up to surface bringing said turd looking stuff with it. Marina where I am is full of it.
  8. For someone to build a wheel with the equipment and glues they had in the 50s I'd say they had a rough idea of what they were doing. Nearly 70 years old and just a few cracks I'd say fair wear and tear.
  9. Take the metal ring off clean the joints glue and cramp (tourniquet) put ring back in a new position so not to use same holes.
  10. Billy Boy

    I need to pay someone to fix my electrics

    Did the OP get a new solenoid with the starter or had to use old/original.
  11. Billy Boy


    If they are labcraft lights they now do led equivalents. I got mine from there agent Dun-Bri. They may have a Dun-Bri near you if not phone labcraft and ask who stocks them closest to you. Hope it helps.
  12. Billy Boy

    should I start with a shorter narrowboat ?

    On a table and in a teacup with a saucer.
  13. Billy Boy

    Broken paddle...

    Engineer try's to work out what's broken and how it can be fixed. Mathmatition try's to work out how long it's gonna take. Me, have I got time to make a sarny as well as a brew.
  14. Billy Boy

    can anyone explain the different moorings...

    It depends were you are, rivers only licence is a bit cheaper.

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