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  1. We have Virgin mobile unlimited data. The SIM is in a little Huawei mobile router. It connects to a small stubbie mag mount ariel attached to the roof. Virigin uses O2. Only got a deal on it as a Virgin cable home customer. Its a good setup. Amazed how much difference the tiny aeriel makes. We gave up on a telly ariel years ago as we can stream tv live as well as Amazon, Netflix, etc. Using a firestick or internet telly. its a really good and cheap set-up 👍👍 unlimited data makes so much difference. Never need to worry.
  2. Ffffs. Who would have known. No more tea for me then 😵‍💫
  3. That sounds like a Park Home to me. If you arent interested in boating, why buy a boat?
  4. Thanks Nick. I get it now. Just read the manual!
  5. The sqealing is probably a red herring as I didnt tighten up the bracket properly and it worked itself loose…
  6. Nick. Hmmmm. I just checked my multi-meter and is looks like it is only rated for 10amps. If connect it to the 55amp alternator wont that blow the fuse? Tony. I tried almost 2 hours running the engine at more than idle and still max 13.6v.
  7. But after charging for and hour and a half still at 13.6v.
  8. Batteries were down to 12.4v with nothing drawing current. Then I fired up the engine to get charged. So cloudy nothing coming in from the solar. I’d normally see 14.5 straight away.
  9. Fwitw the solar controller is connected directly to battery terminals by short cables…
  10. Hi Alan. Thanks. No the 14.5 has been in the dark too! Yes, I dont have a tester to hand but agree of course. Its just that the big drop is visible on the solar controller where I am used to seeing the 14.5v plus volts with this set-up.
  11. Hi all. So i replaced my batteries and alternator a couple of weeks ago. 1.5 BMC, new 55 amp alternator and 3 95ah leisure batteries (the 105s are just too big for the battery box). All was good once fitted. Seeing 14.5v to the batteries (according to the solar controller). I have renewed exactly the same set-up I had for the last 5+ years as it has worked well. Yesterday the fan belt was squealing. Fair enough. Loosed off the mountings, gave the alternator a good tug, tightened them up. checked the connectors. No squeal and the charge light gone out. Excellent. Job done. But no its not. Now I am only seeing 13.6v. I have double checked everything, always had 14.5v plus - up until today - from this set-up. Fired it up again today. Still 13.6v Why? The connections look good. The belt is definately not slipping now. Where have my volts gone?! Is it really likely my new alternator has gone duff already or should I be looking elsewhere? Thanks for any ideas. Jak.
  12. Agreed. Ive a 48ft trad stern boat and have no such issues. Tbh its nice that the bedroom is a little cooler (furthest room away from our stove). edited to also agree with Jen. Stove mounted more centrally a better idea. Always thought having one right at the bow doors was daft.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. Thanks all. Looks and works great. A good recommendation. BSS finally passed too.
  15. Jak


    Many ways to light a stove. After a few years what I do now is a little kindling, then a couple of kiln dried logs. Its nice and hot now, much more quickly than going straight from kindling to smokeless. So now I chuck in some smokeless fuel and then manage the burn with the Squirrel controls. Topping up as needed and banking up to last overnight. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes it went out, sometimes I woke up hotter than a sauna. Enjoy 😊
  16. Thanks all. My new gas safe guy and I have figured that rather than bodging up the 20+ year old Vanette, we are going to fit that Thetford 8. Midland agree with Bill that its as close as we are likely to get to a modern swap in. So the Thetford 8 is on order and I’ve got my boat LPG expert. Happy days 😎
  17. OK. Looks like I’ve found a boat LPG guy. All your help is so very much appreciated as usual. I Will post again when I have an update. Will probably be installing a new hob but with a professional to test and certificate before BSS retest. Damn thing is 20+ years old so has more than done its job!
  18. Cheers Alan. Probably. But then I went to replace the LPG regulator. Bottle connection fine. But connection to boat side I can’t seem to get the correct fitting size. Nothing is ever easy. FFS, I am an IT contractor and not so pratical. Achieved a lot on 12v the electrics, but gas always throws up problems I didnt forsee…
  19. And no I do not have a bubble tester. What do we think, worth plumbing one in??
  20. It does work and i’ve reached out to a couple more local guys. It’s against my usual rules to do everything myself, but am worried if I do, Ive no way to test the fix.
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