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  1. Victron does not like either voltage input and/or waveform. Whispergen not running at correct speed will not give correct voltage and/or sine wave. Suggest servicing the whispergen especially fuel supply line. You have not knocked a tap, in the fuel supply so that it is partially OFF, have you?. Did this myself generator ran but when load applied it ran 'lumpy' (technical term) and would not maintain correct speed.
  2. As hirers we did about 6 hours per day (every day) as live aboard (CCers) we do about 2, possibly 4 (not every day though ).
  3. As above but whichever one you go for just ensure it is at least a three stage charger and has a setting for AGM's. ps if charger is ON and your 12v load is less than its output, the charger will 'run' the equipment, any excess will go to the batteries if they need it. If load is higher than its output the batteries will assist, when load reduces the batteries will be re-charged but you knew that. I have a bias for Victron
  4. Top Cat you have described exactly how my system works and I regularly put a load (boiling a 1 kw kettle for coffee) on the batteries to drag the voltage down to make the solar 'kick in' after cruising because as you say it sees the high voltage and believes the batteries are charged. It then carries on charging at absorption voltage. Lots of discussion on here about when batteries are 'fully' charged, the figure banded about is 1% of battery capacity but as we all know that varies with age and usage.
  5. Other than needing an escape plan (from the canals) go for it. I know we always warn of the unforeseen but it happens We know.
  6. Just cut the holes (above and below) and see how it goes, you may be surprised convection is a wonderful thing and free. If you then find it is not enough one fan blowing in from the bottom may suffice. Ensure holes are as big as possible without compromising integrity of cupboard etc. Side note: I vented the top of the electric cupboard sideways into the coat cupboard and with the built in fan of the combi (Victron) coats are nice and warm
  7. Fuel boat Kalisto (Mark) may be in the area, give him a ring or text on...zero, seven, seven, zero, 2031718
  8. bottle

    Idiots at Wigan

    The 'scrotes' have their own keys.
  9. We are wandering. No blame we always do it. Jennifer come back, answer a few questions and 'we' can and will help. Lets start with , Your usage (amp.hrs per day) How (alternator, amp rating..charger, amp rating) and for how long do you charge your batteries?
  10. Here we go lets discuss this infinitum the simple answer is Do what you like. Be prepared to prove to CRT and or the courts that you are complying.
  11. We had ones that did and now changed to Bedazzled and they do not. Previous were SMD's new ones are LED's. ps. our aerial is FM and always able to pick up DAB. Perhaps just lucky. Now actually working off log periodic TV aerial.
  12. Another way of looking at batteries, It is not so much the type of battery that is important it is the way you treat them. You can wreck cheap or expensive batteries in days let alone years. The important thing to know how much amp.hrs you use and the capability of putting them back. Lets say your usage is 100 amp.hrs per day then the battery bank will need to be twice that plus say 10%. So a battery bank of 220 amp.hrs. This is the minimum and covers the not letting batteries go below 50% SOC This is not gospel just an example the bank could be larger but cost of batte
  13. Lots of good advice above, let me just comment on this do not go down this line, I speak from experience. I managed to wreck a set in two and a half years and I looked after them with kid gloves. Monitoring and always fully charging, when possible, with charging system specifically for AGM's which is different to wet lead acid. The only proviso I have a fully electric live aboard and use the batteries excessively. The previous bog standard sealed wet lead acids lasted two and a half years, so figure. Now have open wet lead acid deep cycle, with charging system adjuste
  14. Mines about 12 " straight up but is flexible, it is also mag mounted.
  15. This may be the best and correct advice that bizzard has ever given. Insulate your self and sleeping bag from whatever it is resting on, you will stay warmer. A flask of hot water wrapped in a towel or similar, saved over night, will make a hot drink in the morning before leaving the cosy sleeping bag. Wish you well and good luck, Oh. nearly forgot the boat in preference to the car.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. I do not have a Kinver cover but from those I have seen on the cut all have been very well fitted and look great. When mine needs replacing will almost certainly use them.
  18. Which one Les? Kinver canopies or Wilsons of Kinver Their new incarnation http://www.wilsonsupholstery.co.uk/ Maybe an e-mail, phone call will give the answer. Edit: see above post. Second edit: there, their. why did I not spot it before.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. Just before the fortieth one. Patrick, thank you, for volunteering and good luck in this venture.
  21. Durite work lamp, magnetic mount.. they do similar with LED's. Works for me at the stern, starboard side, aimed at wall by the cabin front corner.
  22. Welcome. Canals are not salty. Two usual systems on canals are cassette ( think caravans, small motor homes) or pump out, ( large 'black' tank on board) there is also composting system , that do not actually compost.
  23. It may be me... I have never used or carried 'spare', 'back-up', emergency fuel in a can in the last 50 years whether boating or using a vehicle. The simple solution is watch the gauge or dipstick regularly and fill up when necessary. No pollution, spillage etc.
  24. but you are not alone, all of us will help as much as we can. If you find one and there is a link to the advert, start a thread and ask, we will pull it apart after sucking air through our teeth. It will take time to find the correct boat, first it will be love but then the brain has to engage. There may be also someone with experience/knowledge that will accompany you to a boat viewing. When you find one, I, as many others would advise, is get the boat surveyed fully, costs, but should save you buying a lemon. Any offer you make should be subject to survey If you a
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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