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  1. Thank you for the responses thus far. May I add that I have a 1964 raw water cooled petrol yoghurt pot. FYI i am a northerner that lives in the south, however the local folk advise me to buy tube heaters etc ... I should add that I am a total noob at this hence why I am posting in the noob forum ty
  2. Next year my boat will be in the river over winter. i plan to keep the engine heated in some manner. However, is temperature the only measurement needed to predict what's coming or should I be looking at dew point and river currents too? Thanks
  3. My yoghurt pot has just been hibernated (I.e raised and winterised) and I feel the loss already. How does one fill the time ? It's my first season boating so went for the safe option this time. Hopefully I will have the knowledge to keep my plastic boat ship shape throughout the winter next year as it seems a total waste to hibernate for so long. I love the idea of frosty mornings cruising on the cut <3
  4. Sadly no space on my small yoghurt pot
  5. I am looking for a long term storage facility. Any ideas? I have less than 1 cubic meter of stuff and don't want to dump it on my family. I don't need easy access like most services are offering. I may check in once a month max. Over the last two years I have sold almost everything and am keeping only items I really don't wish to let go. Any help appreciated
  6. Forums go south. Every forum I have been on does. Break away forums and over moderation are typical in such situations regardless of the topic e.g. Boating , gaming, music ... There is one fundamental factor that correlates with them all: https://msdnshared.blob.core.windows.net/media/TNBlogsFS/BlogFileStorage/blogs_technet/doxley/WindowsLiveWriter/GreaterInternetDickwadTheory_D799/dickwad-theory_thumb.jpg
  7. I like taking photos of overstayers now. There are many around Reading
  8. 52 replies in such a short space of time. This forum really likes talking sh*t ?
  9. Thank you everyone for responding and for providing solutions. Note to self : grow a pair, switch to blue , empty toilet regularly and use Vicks and an air freshner. I already press the anti glug glug button and use the (rotating) evacuation pipe. Reading the instructions for the chemicals (aqua kem green ) it appears that they only work for 4 days counteracting the odour. TBH I had readied the toilet a week before it was used. The toilet was used over a 4 day period and only emptied a week later. My bad
  10. In short I would empty a little in, gag, regain composure outside, flush loo and repeat ?
  11. How does one avoid gagging? I was in a well ventilated and clean area but I still gagged. It took me 15 minutes to empty one cassette ? Next time I think I will wear a face mask ? or something. Any tips?
  12. After looking over my video archives i found the answer Nice work everyone.
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