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  1. Advice on Sawley to Anderton

    We did most of this trip a few years ago and really enjoyed it, the only scary bit for SWMBO was as stated above at Arlewas, the river was quite high but apparently safe to proceed but she didn't like it at all and just remember to duck in Harecastle tunnel.
  2. Weekend from Silsden to Saltaire

    Hi, You'll be better off staying at Bingley , at the top of the 5 rise on Friday night, then going down the 5 rise and onto Saltaire on the Saturday, Moorings at Saltaire aren't great but you should go through Saltaire and turn round just before Shipley, come back to Saltaire to moor for the night. we usually go back towards Hirstwood lock and moor near the cricket club. I'm sure you'll have a great time, we've done this trip a few times when we used to moor at Kildwick, Any more questions just ask Dave
  3. Skipton

    Yes but Skipton is in Yorkshire
  4. Thanks for that, just been inundated with emails
  5. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    You've confused me Lily, How can they not go further than Barrowford but you recommend Salterforth and East Marton, surely they are travelling east ?? Dave
  6. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    Barrowford moorings are very nice, just a bit breezy at times, we've spent a few nights there this year, re Skipton, we've spent many nights there and never had any problems, I'd just avoid the moorings opposite the car park/water point which gets a bit noisy late at night due to the nearby night club. If you're coming east they are just past the canal basin. Another good place to moor is Kildwick which is about 3 miles past Skipton. Dave
  7. leeds to bingley safe moorings

    You've got through the worse, Rodley is fine and all points west
  8. Eh up!

    Happy Yorkshire day to all my friends on the right side of the Pennines
  9. Foul ridge Tunnel

    We moor very close to the tunnel and use it a lot, I'm really looking forward to meeting a canoe coming the other way through Foulridge !!!!! I do hope they can go faster than narrowboats !
  10. Moorings at Bingley

    As said before you can moor at the top of the 5 Rise but we also have problems getting into the side properly. Theres a couple of moorings near the Fishermans pub at Dowley gap lock just before Bingley no problems there just a walk into town unless your reunion is at the rugby club then even nearer. L & L we find is a lovely canal as long as you can put up with all the swing bridges and there's plenty between Bingley and Skipton, September is a lovely time to cruise there, anything else just ask
  11. Are you aware that there's a similar one on sale on ebay, it states that it is genuine http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Cast-Canal-Iron-Mile-Stone-Marker-Liverpool-Leeds-/292114159121?hash=item44035c5611:g:-MwAAOSwsXFZFMVE Dave
  12. Grounded not far from selbycanal

    If it's any consolation we used to waterski in that area regularly and what happened to you used to happen all the time. Many times we used to either tow narrowboats off the sand bank on the corner or we'd jump into the river and push them off. It's always been a shallow bend and we've spoken to CRT about it before but nothing as ever been done. Its now over 10 years since we skied there but obviously the problem goes on . Dave
  13. Skipton festival

    We've been with our boat for the past 3 years but this year we're not taking 'Titus' but still going to spend Saturday there, We were going to go on Sunday but the 'Tour de Yorkshire' bike race will be coming through Skipton so thought we'd give Sunday a miss. It's always been a great weekend with lots to do and lots to see and looking forward to going this year as a visitor. Dave
  14. You may find it hard on the L & L swingbridges as most of the mechanics are on the non towpath side but I've seen numerous people doing it, some just wait for another boat and run with them. Dave
  15. Aquavac request

    I always carry a pack of babys nappies for water that I can't get to or get out of certain spaces, Just open one up, put it in and leave it for a day or so, it always works for me.