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  1. To pull the plug out but prop to put stop planks in
  2. I don’t know how to show the listing but Top Lock cottage at Braunston is for sale £750,000.
  3. Great Ouse is in Bedford. I temper once reading that Luzon was the only major town not on a river or waterway, never bothered to look into it though.
  4. When we were there a man at Shannon Harbour made his living buying second hand hire boats from the broads, doing them up and selling them on and there were some old springer NB s as well. The vast majority of the boats were old GRP cruisers but Ireland has got wealthier since and now there are plenty of modern Dutch steel Cruisers .The photo is of a rally at Shannon Harbour
  5. The favorite saying by Liam in the Shannonharbour pub/shop when it was rainy was that it’s a bit misty. Our boat had an HB 2 and it was never short of power but as I said watch the weather. All the damp makes it very humid at times. I was asked one day what I thought of Ireland and I said I’d worked out what Ireland was for as a wind break for England, got a good laugh. Lots of the lakes and on the Shannon Erne waterway have buoyed channels and the system is a bit confusing so many boats particularly hire boats get the wrong side and go aground.
  6. Upper lough Erne is really lovely with lots of Islands and one had a restaurant were we stayed the night. The lower lough is not so interesting. There are a lot of Hire boats on the Shannon itself but there’s plenty of space and the Canals and R. Barrow are worth exploring. the Iiwa organised some good gatherings and the owners of the original grand canal barges also have meets to which we went as our NB was very traditional with is Lister engine which attracted attention. It’s an expensive place especially food . The Irish boat owners are a great bunch one of them had an old wooden cruiser with twin gardners and he would start one up at breakfast time so he could have toast. Don’t know about top of the morning but everybody speaks and there was only one place where we felt uncomfortable where a group of women were encouraging the singer to sing anti British songs so we left. The owner apologised and asked us to come back the next evening. Our Airedale terrier was a great source of interest and the greeting was often “what sort of dogs that den”.
  7. Did they run on an accumulator or batteries? I doubt it’s a radio as the only electricity in the butty would be a 12 volt battery for the lights.
  8. We took our 50ft narrow boat to Ireland by truck it was lifted out at Calcutt and put in the Grand Canal at Salins near Dublin. We spent 2 summers from April til end September traveling around the Irish system and the N.Irish Loch Erne. There are live aboards with some concentrated at the Dublin end but also Sharon harbour and Richmond harbour and we left our boat at Shannonharbour for the winter months. The license included mooring when we were there and it was very casual you tied up where you could and alongside another boat if needed. There are marinas on the Shannon but we never used one. It’s a wonderful system and the Irish boaters were very friendly and helpful but it’s the pubs that really make it so enjoyable as long as you like Guinness and singing. the slight drawback to a narrow boat is the weather conditions on the big lakes so you need to study the forecast and be prepared to wait for suitable weather. Two of the people who took their NB over at the same time of us liked it so much that they now live in Ireland and one has married an Irish lady.
  9. When it finished running for Blue Line it was moored by the Braunston yard Bridge and Jim and Mrs Collins lived on board. Jim told me he could lay in bed and see the church clock! Eventually it was given back to BWB and went to Blisworth yard and put out to tender so I went and looked. The whole back end was rotten with visible holes in the sides and beyond economic repair. I remember seeing it on the bank near Bedworth where it stayed for some time with nothing seeming to get done. Not sure where it is now or what’s left of it.
  10. Lots of modern engines are self bleeding so you need a good battery to crank them over , your white smoke would indicate what was happening. We kept our barge in Belgium and laterally France where it stayed for the winter months which one time went down to -15. The engine was changed from a 2 stroke GM which needed a lot of turning to fire up after which the mooring and part of the village was covered in smoke for some time to a Perkins 130hp which after checking oil and water levels started as soon as the heater light went out absolutely brilliant. The narrow boat PD2 didn’t like to start but had decompression levers and as a last resort hand start. The lister HB2 in our last narrow boat didn’t seem to ever have a problem starting . Originally 1970s we used HD30 oil in summer and HD20 in winter but of course now it’s 15-40 multi grade.
  11. I have found the name of the wherry Trust chairman at the time of the rally a Major James A Forsythe real old school in 1990 some members of the Ashby Canal Association charted 2 pleasure wherrys one of which was the Hathor which had been built for the Coleman family of mustard fame. It was a very interesting weekend dodging hire boats.
  12. I was involved with the Ely rally as chairman of the eastern region IWA at the time. I can’t remember his name but the chairman of the Albion Trust an ex army officer I think he was at one meeting promised to bring the wherry to the rally. Quite a site.
  13. After a long voyage stepping on land felt odd and apparently when I came home on leave the first time fierce 12 months deep sea I sort of swayed about when walking. After a trip from Australia to Middlesbrough I found myself unable to cross the road due to the speed of the traffic. When we brought our first little canal cruiser it certainly moved about but the thing that always woke me was water lapping against the side when the wind got up but this never bothered me when we got the steel narrowboats.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. We had a forklift with a Polish made Perkins engine that could turn oil to sludge if it went past it’s due change. Problem was there was no hour counter on it.
  17. I installed one of these and seem to remember there were 2 heat settings. If yours is the same try it on the lower one and see if that gets it going. You have a good strong pilot light so gas should be ok and you can check you water pressure ours max was 2 bar and worked fine.
  18. Never get off without a rope and a long one at that. It is not always possible to tie up at the mouth of a lock and the boat drift away. Don’t ask me how I know this. Done plenty of single handed boating with loaded boats , all down the Oxford and up Hatton, you can work out a method that lets the boat do a lot of the work and it’s a lot easier now locks have ladders in them.
  19. The cable you have ringed in red is for the speed control which is lever on the right hand. It’s quite a complicated set up and as it’s behind the steerer not easy to use when maneuvering. Below is how the gear wheel on the GU boats was situated, these were purely mechanical and in this case operated a parsons box on a PD2.
  20. Never recall ever seeing a full length narrow boat on the continent but the rule is over 20m or 100sq feet they are pretty black and white .
  21. We had a victron 3000 multi on the barge and never had a problem with the washing machine which was an old fashioned turn the knob kind. The heater on it was nearly 3kw so used to run the genny until the water was up to temperature to save the batteries. I’ve never seen them here but on the continent they sell a narrow top loading drum washing machine which has a door in the drum to put the stuff in. We had a lot of 240 volt stuff on board including fridge, ice maker tv satellite receiver, coffee machine and kettle and never found anything that the inverter didn’t run so it’s strange that some washing machines struggle.
  22. The problem is it is over 20m so needs to comply with the community certificate. Originally lobbied for by the Dutch and German commercial operators to stop the polish and Rumanian barges undercutting them. Being the eu they produced a 420 page set of regulations for every boat over 20m and gave a few years grace for these to be complied with. This has now passed and no exceptions are now allowed. However as this is a French project there will be no problem.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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